Cancun: Springbreakers Not Wanted

[Translated by Fulano from a news story.]

Cancun Hotel and tourism businesses this year do not look forward to the luxury of springbreakers, even though an estimated 15 000 will arrive this season, which begins on Saturday, stated the director of the Trust for Promotion of Tourism of the Riviera Maya, Darius Fleet Ocampo.

On the other hand, Business Coordinating Council consultant, Sigfrido Paz Paredes said that Cancun should reduce the number of these young students from the U.S. and Canada or “springbreakers.” The economic gain is minimal compared to their demand for special care making them difficult market sector.

“Businessmen in the tourist sector say that much of the bad image of Cancun was generated ten years ago when the city became a favorite of those 18-year old tourists who come to Mexico, attracted by the temptation to drink without limit and experience excesses which are not allowed in their countries,” said Paz Paredes.

Lenin Gonzalez, travel agent in the United States said his company canceled a package of 1,000 springbreakers due to the low economic profitability. Other agents said it’s not worth working with groups of 1,000 students who travel with very low fares. Furthermore, from the time they get off the plane they must take care of them, transport them to the hotel and ensure they do not miss the return flight home.

All this is without considering how they leave the rooms so dirty that they must be cleaned thoroughly, it is double work, all springbreakers mean is double the work and less benefits.

The only people that support these visitors are low-cost agencies like Best Day, owned by Fernando García Zalvidea, who hoteliers believe is the springbreaker promoter.

The president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agents, Humberto Garcia said that this is a controversial segment, for some it is a business but not for others, but it is still a market that Cancun is seeking,” he said.

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6 Dead In Cancun Hotel Explosion

Photo: AP

An explosion at the Hotel Princess Riviera Maya has left 6 people dead, four of them Canadians. Another 20 are reported injured. These numbers will probably change. Preliminary reports attribute the explosion to a gas leak, but due to the destruction, a full investigation has not been completed. Interestingly, only reported in the Spanish language reports from Mexico, two of the hotel’s security guards were arrested for spraying pepper spray at journalists trying to cover the event. Three journalists are reported as having received medical treatment for the pepper spray.


Cancún: The Nest of Snakes

No, I am not calling Cancún a nest of snakes. The Mayans did. Cancún is Maya for “nest of snakes.”

Some American expatriates in Mexico eventually figure it out, and when they do, sometimes they will even blog about it. Here are a few blogs from real honest to goodness Americans who lived there telling it like it is:

Living Half a Life

Maybe I should explain why I haven’t been blogging. The reason is that I’ve misplaced my humor about living in Cancun. I’m just sick and tired of it. It’s not funny anymore. And I don’t feel right using my blog to bitch and moan about all the things I’ve already bitched and moaned about in the past.

It would be redundant. Redundant is boring.

I’ve come to realize that Cancun is, and forever will be, a hustler’s city. Heavy tourism breeds a lack of respect for the land, the people and the animals. Cancun is a very troubled frontier town that is governed by backward-thinking corrupted officials. People come here from other places to escape things; it’s a city full of people who ran away from something. In short, it’s a troubled place full of troubled and unhealthy people…

I’ve resisted blogging because I don’t want tell the truth about life in Cancun any more. I just want to do my work, get coffee with my friends, and plan my trips back to civilization.

And I hope that one day soon we will be able to make plans to move from here. I’ve never wanted anything more than to move from here.

I look forward to missing my half-life in Cancun….RiverGirl

Here is an assessment from an American timeshare salesman in Cancún, who left in disgust. I mean, Jesus Christ, these timeshare people can stand crap that would kill a goat:

…One poster rambled about American racism when what I saw in Cancun was overwhelming racism toward the indians and Americans even Mexican-Americans were called poachos, which I’m sure I spelled wrong. I worked in timeshare and I found that toward the end of my stay there I wanted to protect Americans from all the vultures that would decend on them. There are plenty of good hearted people in Cancun but the majority are just plain evil people! The majority of the ignorant people treated animals as competitors which meant if they could kill an animal or run over them they were doing the right thing. This is the truth about Cancun whether you like it or not…Jason