Fulano And The Bluebird of Happiness

Fulano has a bird nesting box in his yard. Most years a clay-colored sparrow takes up residence and raises her brood. This year a pair of bluebirds have moved in. The male bluebird has been keeping Fulano’s cat entertained for some time now with his antics.

This is the bluebird pair, with the male on the left.
This is the bird nesting box in
the yard.

Mr. Bluebird sees his reflection in the window and
thinks it is a rival male.

Fulano’s cat sees Mr. Bluebird and thinks it is a
special delivery snack.
Mr. Bluebird sees Fulano’s cat and wonders how
his rival changed from a bluebird to a cat.
Mr. Bluebird tries the other window.
The cat is in that window too.
Perhaps around the corner? Nope! Cat’s there too.
Time to rethink this cat thing.
Meanwhile, Mr. Woodpecker sits on the chimney watching the antics.