BajaNomads: What Lies Beneath – OXXO

There are some good, honest and sincere people who hang out on the BajaNomad message board. Unfortunately, there are also some not-so-good people there too. The dregs of humanity: lunatics, crooks, druggies, perverts, paranoid schizophrenics, psychopaths, sociopaths, alcoholics, senile old farts, pedophiles and plain weirdos. Even more unfortunate is that the person who runs the forum cannot differentiate the good from the bad. Or, maybe that is by design. I don’t know. Even worse than the forum moderator’s inability to sort it all out, is that many innocent readers don’t know what lies beneath. They sometimes get caught unaware in the riptide.

OXXO – Mr. Hypocrisy

OXXO is a difficult web to untangle, basically because he says one thing and does another. BajaNomad OXXO, whose real name is Patrick Paul Gerety, is a 67-year old Californian. He is another uber-liberal on paper, while in reality he is much different. After Gerety finished college in the 1960’s he joined the Peace Corps to avoid the draft. He spent 1967 and 1968 in Tonga, working in public health. It is in Tonga that he took on his other screen name, Matapule, which he uses on other message boards. Matapule means “talking chief,” which is more like an arbitrator to resolve tribal issues.

Gerety’s postings on BajaNomad are far different from his true behavior. On BajaNomads, he is a liberal environmentalist, who thinks taxes should be raised and everyone should pay his fair share. His own personal reality is far different. It is easier to point out his hypocrisies with a sampling of his postings:

Here we have Gerety saying taxes are too low and people should pay more.

But let us look into what OXXO really does. On BajaNomads he says he works as a general contractor in Mexico supervising remodels for gringo clients.

Sounds OK, until you look at his other posts and come to understand that he does not have an FM-3 lucrativo, a work permit. How do we know this? Well, he told us:

How can a CURP be optional for a person working as a construction manager in Mexico?

Does anybody think this yahoo gringo has a right to work in Mexico as a construction manager? There is no way the Mexican’s would ever give him a work permit for that. Also note the date of his post, October 16, 2010. Gerety moved to Mexico in late 2006. If he got his first FM-3 in 2010, he must have been living there on an FMT (now FMM). So, the only conclusion one can come to, is that Gerety, “Mr. Fair Share of Taxes”, was working illegally in Mexico and not paying any taxes to Mexico or the US. Welcome to Hipocricylandia.

As to wanting to pay his fair share of taxes. How would one explain his post on BajaNomads trying to find a “relaxed” customs entry for plumbing items he is importing for his illegal remodel. Yeah, Patrick, you’ll pay your share of taxes, won’t you?

Here is OXXO bragging about what he does:

I work part time, when I want, and make some good money on the side. I am my own boss. I have professional degree which required 5 years of full time education at the university level. I have had a professional license for 40 years now. I work on the computer at home with CAD and also out in the field with clients. It is what I did when I was still “working.” I enjoy it because it is more like a hobby now. I usually do only one or two projects a year by choice. I am working on a project right now that will earn me enough for all expenses for a one month sojourn to Hawaii for uaifi and me……which is going to happen soon.

Link to Hawaiithreads

Well, now that we know OXXO admits publicly to working illegally in Mexico for years and not reporting any earnings (not without a CURP number, esse), let’s move on to his claim to be an environmentalist. Gerety was a division manager for Willard Marine in Costa Mesa, CA at one point in time. He owns a 2002 Willard 40 Pilothouse trawler, powered by a John Deere 4045TD. It is called the Aloha.

OXXO’s environmentally friendly stinkpot, the Aloha. It probably gets 1 mile per gallon.
Jesus, talk about a carbon footprint.

OXXO, keeps the Aloha in Marina La Paz in La Paz, while he lives down in Cabo San Lucas. By the way, in spite of OXXO’s constant bad-mouthing of the US and claiming that his life in Baja California Sur is better that living in the US, it looks like he is planning to weight anchor and abandon Mexico. Posting as Matapule on an Hawaian message board, he claims he and “uaifi” – her name is Eileen – are going to motor the Aloha over to Hawaii this November and live on board in a marina. He probably forgot to mention all that on BajaNomads, being too busy telling everybody how much better Mexico is than the US.

Speaking of forgetting to tell people about things, Patrick also forgot to mention his financial problems in the US. On April 1, 2004 he paid $547,000 for a 4-bedroom, 3-bath home in one of those retirement communities in La Quinta. Everybody has seen them, they are entirely surrounded by 6 foot cinder block walls. Fulano assumes that he was going to retire there. But things did not work out. Earlier this year, in February 2011, the bank foreclosed him out of that home. The bank later resold the home for $370,000 in April of 2011.

When Patrick is not telling everybody on BajaNomads how educated and intelligent he is, he passes his time in Cabo San Lucas playing Freecell on his computer. Freecell is a game that comes with the Windows operating system. The way the game is designed, it is impossible to lose.

Patrick Gerety OXXO


BajaNomads: What Lies Beneath – JESSE

There are some good, honest and sincere people who hang out on the BajaNomad message board. Unfortunately, there are also some not-so-good people there too. The dregs of humanity: lunatics, crooks, druggies, perverts, paranoid schizophrenics, psychopaths, sociopaths, alcoholics, senile old farts, pedophiles and plain weirdos. Even more unfortunate is that the person who runs the forum cannot differentiate the good from the bad. Or, maybe that is by design. I don’t know. Even worse than the forum moderator’s inability to sort it all out, is that many innocent readers don’t know what lies beneath. They sometimes get caught unaware in the riptide.


BajaNomad Jesse is Jesus Chávez Partida, and is currently the part-owner and chef at Las Tres Virgenes in La Paz, Baja California Sur. Jesse is one of the original Baja Nomads, having come over in 2002 from the defunct “Amigos de Baja” message board. He is a Mexican who was born and raised in Baja California.

Jesse started his career as a timeshare salesman in Cabo San Lucas back in the 1990’s. That should be an omen of things to come. After that he drifted back to Tijuana and worked at the Hard Rock Cafe on Avenida Revolución for about four years. While working at the Hard Rock Cafe, one of his work buddies was Geoffrey Lujan Pruitt, a member of a well-connected Baja California family. This friendship would serve Jesse well later, as we will see.

Jesse dreamed of owning and operating his own restaurant and in 2005 an opportunity came his way. A well known restaurant in Tijuana Zona Rio was in trouble and Jesse came in to turn it around. The story related by Jesse on BajaNomads is that the operator of Hacienda Cien Años was stealing from the owner and left to form his own restaurant, called Cien Años, without the “Hacienda” in the name. Well, that was Jesse’s story to the BajaNomads.

Jesse’s “opportunity

The real story behind the story is more interesting.  Just a few months after Jesse reopened his “turnaround” opportunity, which was now renamed La Hacienda de Tijuana, Jesse announced on BajaNomads that the name and concept of the restaurant has been changed to Trez Restaurant & Lounge, because the new concept was more profitable.

Change of concept

Now, anybody in the restaurant business knows you don’t spend a lot of time and tons of money developing a menu, a service team and a chef and then change it all in just a few months. In any event, a few more months after Jesse announced the change in concept, he was out of work in Tijuana.

The story behind the story is that the owners of the property where La Hacienda de Tijuana was located are drug money launderers who are listed on the Foreign Narcotic Kingpin Designation Act. It seems Jesse’s first venture into the restaurant business was financed with drug money.

While all this was happening, another poster on BajaNomads, Aldo Salato, took note of Jesse’s restaurant activities. Aldo Salato was an Italian and a naturalized Mexican citizen married to a Mexican woman. He had a property in La Paz and wanted to start a restaurant named “Las Tres Virgenes.” Jesse was out of work and broke in Tijuana, and Aldo made him an incredible offer.

Aldo’s wife died from cancer in 2007, just months after “Las Tres Virgenes” opened, leaving Aldo a widower with three small children. Tragically, in December 2010, Aldo Salato died in a diving accident in the Sea of Cortez. Before he died, Aldo wanted to let the world know the story of his experience with Jesse, but knew that politics in Baja California Sur would make it too dangerous a story to tell. It was a story that had to wait until after his death. Here, in Aldo’s own words, is his story:

I was the guy that 4 years ago approached Jesse when he was living in TJ with NO job and NO money. I offered him to be the front man to open Las Tres Virgenes restaurant on my own building in La Paz. I paid for everything and for his Chilean girlfriend Maria Jose’ to come to La Paz and become a known chef after working as an illegal in an industrial kitchen. 

I lost my wife (a well known and loved local girl) for a cancer battle three years ago while leaving Jesse in charge of everything. My wife wanted to fire him at the first lie. Myself always tried to save him hoping he would have said thanks one day. Unfortunately he was successful only to develop his own image. 

Jesse is smart and probably he will have success in life but he will never say thanks or I am sorry. 

Jesse ego is just too big. He cannot admit he is wrong and he cannot say thanks to anybody that helped him when he was down. 

Having him on board was a nightmare (problem with employee, problem with the accountant, problem with missing money) and in the end I was so fed up that I ended losing the restaurant to him together with a good severance payment. 

I was the guy that fed my own enemy in my own nest. I probably lost more than 150,000 USD in the two years I had the restaurant Las Tres Virgenes with Jesse in charge.

Jesse moved on and with his new money partner,  Geoffrey Lujan Pruitt (the buddy from the Hard Rock Cafe in Tijuana) and whatever he could squeeze out of Aldo Salata,  is running Las Tres Virgenes in its new location in La Paz. The restaurant built with other people’s money and Jesse’s guile.

Jesus Chávez Partida, wetting his beak

Today’s Brain Teaser

I know nothing!!

Yesterday in Punta Banda there was a major police action. Two Mexicans were coming up onto the properties of the Americans living down there and trying to break into the houses while the Americans were inside, hiding and screaming for police. The police came and chased the men, firing gunshots, while the ex-pats down there hid and cowered in their homes. One American reported that one of the criminals came onto his property and asked that he hide him from the police. The two men were finally arrested.

So today’s brain teaser is this: At least a dozen active posters on Baja Nomads are witnesses to this event or are fully aware of it. How come not one of them mentioned this on BajaNomads?





BajaNomads: What Lies Beneath – Part 11

There are some good, honest and sincere people who hang out on the BajaNomad message board. Unfortunately, there are also some not-so-good people there too. The dregs of humanity: lunatics, crooks, druggies, perverts, paranoid schizophrenics, psychopaths, sociopaths, alcoholics, senile old farts, pedophiles and plain weirdos. Even more unfortunate is that the person who runs the forum cannot differentiate the good from the bad. Or, maybe that is by design. I don’t know. Even worse than the forum moderator’s inability to sort it all out, is that many innocent readers don’t know what lies beneath. They sometimes get caught unaware in the riptide.

This is the eleventh in a series Fulano will do from time to time on some of the more interesting denizens of BajaNomad.


Don’t phuck with Phulano

OK, so you are probably saying, “who in Hell is JAK/PEPINO”, right? Well he is a more recent BajaNomad, arriving on the scene in early 2010. His real name is Peter L. Geller, who moved to Ensenada from Laurel, Maryland. Fulano really never noticed him, until Geller fell in with a rowdy bunch over at BajaNomads.

Peter Geller is a man with a thousand internet ID’s. His real profession was as an Internet Technology manager for the Federal Reserve Bank. Up until 2008, he was making some good money, $95,000 per year to be more precise. But then something happened. In 2009 he was out of work and had filed for bankruptcy. He gave his house back to Wells Fargo Bank, and got the bankruptcy court to cancel out almost $50,000 of unsecured credit card debt. However, he did manage to salvage his 401K retirement account of $130,000, which cannot be taken away in bankruptcy. His bankruptcy was finalized in November, 2009, and two months later he showed up in Baja California.

Peter L. Geller

Here are the current, active internet ID’s that Fulano has identified for Geller:
Jak – Bajanomads
Pepino – Bajanomads (yes, he is posting with two active accounts)
Stewie Gomez – Yahoo Punta Banda Newsletter
Stewie Gomez – TalkBaja
Fulano’s Amigo – Blogger
Ziggy Bombanuts – Blogger
JakDeth – Facebook
Stewie Gomez – Facebook
Peter Geller – Facebook
Peterangeles – Twitter
Ziggy Bombanuts – TJAmigos
JakDeth – Youtube

Whew! That’s a lot of characters to keep in one little head. What first got Fulano’s attention was that on Geller’s blog called “estodobien,” where he was posting as “Fulano’s Amigo,” he started out with a discussion of The Seven Deadly Sins. This led Fulano to bancoduo, Henry Thomas Guichard. Fulano does not know if Geller was just being coy — giving hints he didn’t think Fulano would understand — or if Geller was a part of the Tijuana Puta Mongers which have been discussed many times on The Fulano Files. Geller apparently did recently create a new account on TJAmigos as Ziggy Bombanuts. In any event, discussing the seven sins sure was a dumb move, at least from Guichard’s point of view.

Geller demonstrated his own perverse nature with comments he made under some of his internet ID’s long before Fulano came on the scene. For instance, his JakDeth YouTube identity seems to know the life history of former porn stars, and comments on them. He created his own little group on YouTube and uploaded a video of a fat man dancing in his underwear.

JakDeth’s YouTube user account page. Click on image to enlarge.

His Blogger profile (before he wisely changed it, and then finally made it inaccessible) said he lived in “Mierda culo [shit-ass], Baja Norte, Mexico.”

Click on image to enlarge

Fulano guesses that Geller probably is not that thrilled with living in Mexico, but like so many other BajaNomads, after blowing it all, he has to spend the Autumn of his years living an austere life in a thrid world country to make his money last. Even he calls where he now lives Surreal, MX.


Hypocrisy On A Message Board

Two posts on BajaNomads from the same person, three years apart, who also just happened to have a tourist-related business in Cabo San Lucas:
posted on 11-15-2007
Good luck to you but beware; there at least 30,000 crooks/banditos/shisters(sp)/and other nefarious individuals in Cabo. Also be sure you sort carefully through the insurance issue as even the smallest accident could bring serious heartache. Suerte. – osoflojo

posted on 11-7-2010
 Crime in Cabo. Everyone has their own experiances and opinions. I have wandered the streets of Cabo drunker than 400 indians(no offense) since 1981 3am, whatever. I have known every bartender and half the workers in every “sin city” local in Cabo from the opening night of Toro Bravo to El Tenampa, El Faro, etc and never ever had a problem. If you look for a problem anywhere you will likely find one. Give me the streets of Cabo anytime…..osoflojo.

Apparently, osoflojo has decided that the poor American woman who was mugged and robbed while walking 100 yards from her hotel to the restaurant in Cabo San Lucas was looking for problems. Osoflojo [lazy bear in Spanish], the person who wrote those messages is a US citizen and a law enforcement officer. You know, the guys who are sworn to protect and serve. Serve who?


BajaNomads: What Lies Beneath – Part 10-1/2

When Fulano wrote the blog BajaNomads: What Lies Beneath – Part 10, he had a lot of material left over, as the blog was just getting too long. The purpose of this blog is to fill-in some of the information that was covered briefly and give some more texture.

The Condo Connection

As Fulano mentioned, what tied oldhippie to k-rico and ldvee (a poster on other message boards) was that they were all advertising for rent the same condo at 13020 Calle Central, #202 in the Hipodromo area of Tijuana. Here is oldhippie advertising that condo for rent on BajaNomad, click on the image to enlarge it:

“Up the hill from the racetrack”

…and here is k-rico advertising that exact same condo for rent on BajaNomad, click on the image to enlarge it:

“Up the hill from zona rio using Blvd. Las Americas”

…and finally here is “ldvee” advertising the exact same condo for rent on another Tijuana message board:

“Up the hill from zona rio using Blvd. Las Americas” Clicking on the
image link produces the exact same photo as on BajaNomads
One Channel, Many Voices

If you have followed this series, you will remember that Fulano said that “Joe” was several people. Fulano said in Part 10 that k-rico/oldhippie/fdvee was Dennis Duane Heiny, a convicted felon now operating a prostitution outcall service in Tijuana. That statement is partially true. “Joe” is three people, two of them are American men and one is a Mexican woman. Fulano believes they all live together and operate together. Think of it as the Joe Continuum. What led Fulano to this conclusion were several inconsistencies that could not be resolved.

The first inconsistency is that it is a known fact that Dennis Duane Heiny was arrested on February 12, 2007 in Tijuana, and remained in jail there for 34 days. Yet, Oldhippie posted a comment on BajaNomads on February 13 and 14, 2007, a time when Heiny was in jail.

The second inconsistency is that “ldvee” has numerous posts around where he says he is a 60-year old software developer who does work for a major defense contractor in San Diego. That job requires a security clearance, and there is no way a convicted felon like Heiny could ever get one. Besides that, Heiny is in his early 50’s.

Note ldvee is a software developer specializing in website software.

The third inconsistency is that if you Google “ldvee”, you will find that about one-half of the hits are his or her profiles on swinger/gay sex forums, and ldvee seems to be a female. We already know that oldhippie uses the email address to find swinger couples, so he has a “wife”, and he is a also a denizen of the Zona Norte in Tijuana. Here is a picture profile for ldvee from a sex hook-up website.

Nice hooters.

From studying the comments received from “Joe,” Fulano concluded there were probably three people. One was an American who was not too smart, liked to talk his head off, praise “Sampson” like he was a living God, and who gave Fulano all kinds of good information. This was most likely Dennis Duane Heiny, who is Sampson. In one of his messages to Fulano, he said he had access to an expert computer programmer that could break through Fulano’s blocking scripts.

The second troll was also an American male, who was an expert computer programmer who specialized in website design, was highly intelligent, and most likely is the person maintaining the TJAmigos and other prostitution websites. This had to be oldhippie/k-rico on BajaNomads. (Remember that Sampson also used the alias “Sampsonrico,” so they are connected is some weird way). On BajaNomads, k-rico mentioned many times that he was a computer programming consultant and that he worked for companies in San Diego, and also worked out of his home in Tijuana on a Virtual Private Network.

Fulano has not talked much about the third person. This person’s English is good, but not perfect. She makes the type of grammatical and spelling errors that Spanish speakers who learn English make. For instance, she always types “your” instead of “you’re.” She is also very threatening and bitchy…Fulano concluded she was probably the one with the big hooters, k-rico’s wife, Diana. Her name and telephone number are on one of the advertisements for the rental condo, “Sra. Diana 664 631 8746″.

Fulano Tests His Theory

So far, Fulano had an interesting theory, but needed to test it out. Fulano noticed that somebody in San Diego was reading The Fulano Files every day, all day long. This somebody never posted a comment, just read the blog, over and over again. Now, Fulano only posts a few shorts blogs a day, so he wondered what that person could be reading all day long. Besides that, the IP address was from a dedicated business server, so this was somebody at work doing all the reading. Fulano concluded that this person could be the smart American who read the blog while at work, but posted his asinine messages through proxy servers.

To test the theory, Fulano blocked that IP from access to the blog to see how that person responded. Sure enough, Fulano received the following message:

What the fuck is this script redirect! When I get back home tonight I will work around this, and let Joe, and everyone know how to get around this including the dead daughter whore. But itçs interesting that Fulano is also keeping away anybody who uses certain proxy including Bob, Zorro, and Justsaying who are all the same people who are playing Fulano as the fool he is.
By Anonymous on 10/27/10

Notice how our computer genius told Fulano that he was at work in San Diego and would work on breaking the IP block when he got back home. Fulano traced that blocked IP in San Diego to:

Lockheed Martin Corporation
2247 San Diego Ave
San Diego, CA 92110

Remember that oldhippe/k-rico, posting as ldvee, said he was a computer programmer for a large government contractor in San Diego.


Fulano does not know the real name of k-rico/oldhippie, but that really does not matter now. Some people on BajaNomads know him. Fulano knows for certain that oldhippie was camping in his truck at Shari Bondi’s place in Bahia Asuncion on January 29, 2007. She wrote about it and oldhippie wrote a post thanking her. Oldhippie has also stayed at the place of the BajaNomad who has the ranch near the observatory east of Ensenada. Oldhippie/k-rico’s  name will come out eventually. In any event, Fulano is putting together something to file with the FBI in San Diego, which will include all the messages he has sent, and the story behind them.

Here is what Fulano does know about oldhippie/k-rico:

He is a 60-something American who works at US defense contractor assignments that require security clearances. He likes to put other men’s dicks in his mouth (Fulano is not posting that link, but they have a movie on the Internet). He does much of his work from his home computer in Tijuana over a VPN. He uses that very same computer to create and administer prostitution websites for a convicted felon, who is no doubt his business partner. That means a convicted felon and pimp living in Tijuana with k-rico/oldhippie has access to the Lockheed Martin Corporation computer network, and God knows what else, along with his  Mexican national wife who has no security clearance, big hooters, and a very bad attitude about Americans. The anti-American, anti-Semitic comments made by all three of those yahoos is enough to get a security clearance pulled in a New York minute. I’ll bet the Department of Homeland Security will be wondering how this asshat slipped through the cracks.


BajaNomads: What Lies Beneath – Part 10

There are some good, honest and sincere people who hang out on the BajaNomad message board. Unfortunately, there are also some not-so-good people there too. The dregs of humanity: lunatics, crooks, druggies, perverts, paranoid schizophrenics, psychopaths, sociopaths, alcoholics, senile old farts, pedophiles and plain weirdos. Even more unfortunate is that the person who runs the forum cannot differentiate the good from the bad. Or, maybe that is by design. I don’t know. Even worse than the forum moderator’s inability to sort it all out, is that many innocent readers don’t know what lies beneath. They sometimes get caught unaware in the riptide.

This is the tenth in a series Fulano will do from time to time on some of the more interesting denizens of BajaNomad.

Most of the cats that you meet on the street speak of true love
Most of the time they’re sitting and crying at home
One of these days they know they gotta get going
Out of the door and into the street all alone

Truckin’ like the doodah man
Once told me “Gotta play your hand”
Sometimes the cards ain’t worth a dime
If you don’t lay them down

Sometimes the lights all shining on me
Other times I can barely see
Lately it occurs to me
What a long strange trip it’s been
Lyrics by Robert Hunter


This has been one long, strange trip. The poster on BajaNomads who uses the name “k-rico” is also the previously banned poster on BajaNomads of the name “oldhippie”. He is also probably the poster “beachbum” on TalkBaja. Fulano has always suspected that k-rico was one of the cabal that was trolling this blog. In fact, k-rico is “Joe,” our troll here. Back in 2008, k-rico sent a U2U to Fulano on BajaNomads, telling me to get fucked and get lost, or words to that effect.

Fulano never forgets.

But, Fulano did not connect k-rico to oldhippie or “Joe” on his own. Henry Thomas Guichard — bancoduo — who posted here as DM, told Fulano. Tommyboy Guichard probably does not know he told Fulano, but he did. He posted a comment here on August 3, 2010.
Guichard tells the world that oldhippie is Joe.

So, Fulano has known that “Joe” was oldhippie and k-rico on BajaNomads for the past three months, but kept it a secret. Fulano had his reasons. For one thing, Fulano didn’t know his real name. But, Fulano knew that Joe, our troll, had a huge ego and loved to talk. Actually, he could not shut up. He has some kind of a superiority complex, constantly bragging about how much smarter and more knowledgeable he was than Fulano — or anybody else for that matter. Fulano knew that eventually Joe would tell Fulano everything. It is fairly easy to show that oldhippie and k-rico are the same poster on Bajanomads. They both have the same Ford F-150 truck with camper shell, both live in Playas de Tijuana, they both advertised the exact same condo for rent in Tijuana, and in a moment of sheer stupidity, they both posted the exact same photo of the beach outside their home.

The second reason that Fulano did not disclose who Joe was immediately is I was still identifying all the other trolls playing here, and Joe is an excellent source of information, although he does not know it. It was Joe’s big mouth that connected DM/Bancoduo to his real name.
OK, so just who is Joe — k-rico — oldhippie? It turned out that Fulano had stumbled upon him before, but did not make the connection. Click on the image to make it bigger.

Fulano says Sampson is Dennis D. Heiny
K-rico and Oldhippie are all the same person, and are closely working with convicted felon Dennis Duane Heiny and others, like “Joe”. And how did Fulano make the connection? Well, as I said, Joe nevers shuts up, he posts and posts and posts. Most of his posts were threats to Fulano and to Fulano’s children. Many of his posts discussed “Sampson.” Joe not only praised Sampson copiously, but he also told Fulano that Samson would personally teach Fulano’s children about sex and have his way with them.
Fulano got to thinking about why Joe spent so much time talking about Sampson. Fulano matched them up. When Dennis Heiny got off of probation, he probably went back in Tijuana, doing the same old thing he was doing when he was busted by the Tijuana Police on February 12, 2007. Here is the news article in the North County Times.
Tijuana police arrest U.S. citizen in prostitution ring case

By: Associated Press – North County Times – Californian
Posted: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 12:00 am

TIJUANA, Mexico – A U.S.

Dennis Duane Heiny, 47, of Lake Elsinore, California, was being held pending further investigation after he was arrested Monday with three prostitutes and the ring’s alleged secretary, according to Lorena Blanco, a spokeswoman with the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana who commented on the case Tuesday.

Heiny allegedly operated the ring out of Tijuana, but catered to American clients who were escorted from the border to Mexican hotels where they met the women, Tijuana Public Safety Secretary Luis Javier Algorri said Monday.

The ring allegedly comprised 35 Mexican women, none of them minors, Blanco said.

Heiny had not been charged with a crime as of Tuesday, and Blanco said the Consulate was not aware of charges pending against him in the U.S. Algorri said the suspect was wanted by U.S. authorities on child pornography charges.

Dennis Heiny spent 34-days in the Tijuana jail. As Fulano mentioned in his comment above, Heiny was also convicted of smuggling illegal immigrants into the US. He served 8 months in prison and did 2-years probation. His probation was over in March, 2006, and I presume he got his passport back, as he showed up on BajaNomads as Oldhippie on June 26, 2006.

So what does Heiny, alias Sampson, do? I’ll let him explain it. Here is what he posted on another Tijuana sex forum. On this forum he was using the alias “sampsonrico”:

sampsonrico 06-18-2006, 07:01 PM
This is my first post on this site and it is prompted by an e-mail I got earlier. I tried for the name sampson here, but it was taken, but I can assure you that I am the Sampson mentioned above. I am white, and I did pimp ladies walking the sidewalks in the United States up until 1994. It may be true that I couldn’t make it in the world of Black Pimps, but I did have some nice runs and had as many as three ladies working with me at the same time. I used the name Cincinatti Red and was a well known international pimp. I have more than 100 aquaintances that I knew that were Black and it was from them that I learned the game.

My personality is more suited to the escort business, as I make a small commission from each girl and take pride in helping them earn. Yes I do earn money from them, but it is a little money from a lot of girls and no one is paying me anything near the % the American Agencies charge. I know a little about American Agencies, as I often would have my ladies with beepers walking the sidewalks and answering escort calls in most major cities. It the early 90’s it was quite common for an agency to make $125 of the $175 charge that the client paid. This may explain why chicas are Robs as although you are paying big money, the lady is not seeing a huge portion of the money.

With the small commission we charge it covers the expenses of rent, utilities, an American land line, 4 Mexican cell phones, numerous advertisements and 3 salaries of bi-lingual secretaries. My expenses are around $900 per week to run Team Juanita, so it is not like I just lay around at home and rake in the dough. I work all day and I provide the taxi service for about 70% of our dates.

Although I don’t know the usernames, I have often been told that we are mentioned on this site and we do have clients that post here. I am guessing their is other info than this thread here, but will find that later. With the exception of Tania the pics on our website are very current and we have updated the site several times in the last month. Our biggest girl is listed as being voluptous and she is very popular. We have lots of different ladies ranging from 18 to nearly 40 and different body styles. We get requests for young, old, fat, skinny, hairy bush, shaved bush, bi-sexuals and even transvestites. We try to offer something for everyone and if we don’t have what you want, we save your e-mail and when we find it we will let you know. We currently have a waiting list for a midget, if we ever find one.

By the way, everything he confesses to is illegal in Mexico. Prostitution is legal, but pimping is not. Fulano assumes Heiny is just paying off corrupt Tijuana police and politicians to remain in business. There is no way they could be unaware of this operation.

Heiny may live in the La Perla project
in Playas de Tijuana with k-rico. I guess
pimping pays.

This blog is running too long, so Fulano will have to do another to fill-in some more information, such as the linkage between Heiny, k-rico, oldhippie and Guichard. In the meantime we can all ponder how a convicted felon, like Heiny, can live in Mexico with an FM-3 — if he even has one. It is against Mexico’s immigration laws to grant such a visa to felons. Or we can wonder how he got out of jail in Tijuana after 34-days, and after his cronies raised a lot of money for him. Or we can all consider how a convicted felon can sit in Mexico and send death threats and messages threatening other peoples minor children.


BajaNomads: What Lies Beneath – Part 8

There are some good, honest and sincere people who hang out on the BajaNomad message board. Unfortunately, there are also some not-so-good people there too. The dregs of humanity: lunatics, crooks, druggies, perverts, paranoid schizophrenics, psychopaths, sociopaths, alcoholics, senile old farts, pedophiles and plain weirdos. Even more unfortunate is that the person who runs the forum cannot differentiate the good from the bad. Or, maybe that is by design. I don’t know. Even worse than the forum moderator’s inability to sort it all out, is that many innocent readers don’t know what lies beneath. They sometimes get caught unaware in the riptide.

This is the eight in a series Fulano will do from time to time on some of the more interesting denizens of BajaNomad.


In Part 2 of What Lies Beneath, Fulano discussed the cabal over at TalkBaja, a spin-off forum put together by Ron Hoff, another BajaNomad who uses the alias BajaGringo. Another member of that cabal is Bancoduo, who also uses the alias Guichjeep. Bancoduo is now banned at BajaNomad. Bancoduo’s real name is HENRY THOMAS GUICHARD. He is 70-years old, married, with three grown daughters.

Fulano can say, without any doubt, that Guichard is the most perverse slimeball he has ever come across on the Internet and in real life. Before we go on, it is time to refresh your memory about Joe, the Padrote, who hangs around here (in the background now) trying to pick fights and generally cause trouble. Joe posted here that his email address was, and Fulano dutifully reported that he wrote a scathing, racist, vulgar email to Michelle Malkin. Joe also said that he ran an Internet forum message board dedicated to prostitution in Tijuana, known as Fulano then confirmed this by applying to become a member of the TJAmigos forum, and received a response from none other than Jay Garcia, with an email address of telling Fulano to get lost.

But there was more to it. Some of Joe’s messages were dumber than a bag of hammers, while others were more literate, if not also darker and more menacing. Fulano concluded there were two — or more — people working this. It was relatively easy to find the dumb one because, well, he’s a moron. His name is Paul F. Sullivan, who was blogged about here. Sullivan even came here and posted under his real name and real IP address in Albany, California. His posting was exactly the same style as the dumb Joe’s. He even used the same tortured logic in arguing that he was not Joe, by saying he could not be a racist because he is an orphan.

But, finding the smarter-half of Joe was more difficult. Fulano set some traps, capitalizing on his ego and weaknesses. He loves to post copiously, and goes crazy when he is denied access to The Fulano Files. Fulano used some blocking scripts and contacted the anonymous proxies Joe used and asked them to block him off from The Fulano Files. His ego and eagerness became his downfall. In order to create more access, he created his own Blogger blog named “Fulano’s Amigo”, and then linked to this blog. He obviously was pretending to be a friend, so he could have easy access to read this blog. As soon as Fulano tracked back and saw the Fulano’s Amigo blog, he knew who the other Joe was.

Screen shot from the Fulano’s Amigo blog discussing “7 sins.”

When Fulano saw the discussion of the seven sins, he immediately recalled the user profile of a poster called “Rodrigo”, who was a very prolific poster on TJAmigos, and who was reposting some of Fulano’s blogs on that website. It was obvious that Rodrigo was our Joe over here, as Joe had asked Fulano for permission to repost Fulano’s blogs on TJAmigos. Rodrigo also posts as “Fireballs”, and has admitted to that on another Tijuana sex forum called World Sex Gallery.

Rodrigo’s profile on TJAmigos, discussing the “7 sins.”
6,381 posts! He never stops posting. Hundreds of his posts discuss
his having sex with male transvestites.

OK, so that tied Joe/Rodrigo/Fireballs to the person who created the “Fulano’s Amigo” blog. But what tied all that to Bancoduo — Henry Thomas Guichard? Stupidity, on his part.

Bancoduo’s profile on TalkBaja. “Campo siete sin” means “camp of the 7 sins.”

Fulano looked into the life of Tommy-boy Guichard, but there was not much to see. This is a man who seemed to have lived by no visible means. Except for a short period of time between 1997 and 2002, when he worked at Fuller Electric, a small electrical contractor in San Diego, he seems to have been involved in the underground economy. Guichard graduated from St. Augustine High School in San Diego in 1957. It appears he lived in a ridiculously tiny home of only 744 square feet in Pt. Loma. How in Hell did he, and a wife and three daughters live in a 2-bedroom 1-bath house? Neither Guichard nor his daughters ever finished college. His oldest daughter is 40-years old and works as a professional dog walker.

The former Guichard family estate in Pt. Loma.
All 744 square feet of it.

It appears that Tommy-boy Guichard spent most of the 1960’s dodging the draft in Mexico and El Salvador. He was back in the US by 1970 to raise his family. He also had a great deal of trouble with the California and federal tax authorities. The State of California filed many income tax liens against him in the years between 1984 and 1991. The IRS filed income tax liens against him for the years 1983, 1989, 1992 and 1994.

I guess it all became too much for our pornsite promoter. In 1994, he and his wife filed for bankruptcy. Their bankruptcy petition stated they had no assets at all. The only two creditors listed were the IRS and the State of California, for all those unpaid taxes. So, they screwed the government out of the money. But Fulano thinks that Tommy-boy Guichard does not learn his lessons easily. While his bankruptcy was discharged in 1995, the IRS filed a new tax lien on him in 1996!

So just what does Henry Thomas Guichard do? Fulano has 84 messages from him and his cabal that were not posted, since I cut him off after he started threatening to kill people here. In these messages, because of his ego, he describes in great detail what he does in Tijuana, and even names other padrotes. In Mexico, prostitution is legal, but pimping is illegal. What Guichard is doing is illegal in the US and Mexico. Is it not understandable why everything he posts on the Internet is through a complex series of proxy computers with multiple alias’? Isn’t it easier to understand why he took such an intense interest in Fulano’s blog The Wanted and the Unwanted, in which the murder of American Robert O. Riquelme, a pimp in Tijuana, was discussed?

Late Sunday night, Fulano received a message from a person who he believes is the owner of “Mexico Lindo Bar,” which was discussed in the Joe the Padrote series of blogs. Mexico Lindo Bar is a Tijuana escort-outcall service which advertises on TJAmigos. As Fulano discussed, the owner of Mexico Lindo Bar was arrested by the Tijuana police for various sex-related crimes, as well as being convicted of smuggling illegal immigrants into the US. This person is disavowing any association with Henry Thomas Guichard. Basically, everybody is now running away from “Joe.” Here is the message:

As someone who used to run another website similar to Juan’s Tijuana and knows many of the parties involved I’d like to say that TJAmigos is not connected to Juan’s Tijuana and other websites. While they might advertise an escort agency like MLB there is a lot of “competitive” nature between all of them and for the most part Tijuana’s police and federal government has much bigger fish to fry than to chase after Americans spending money in Tijuana…

Guichard, or that other moron Paul F. Sullivan, still post on BajaNomad as “JoeJust Joe”. Here is Bancoduo’s very first post on BajaNomads:

Bancoduo’s very first post on BajaNomad. In makes more sense when you pronounce the place
“Do – Me – Loco”. In the world of prostitution, it means “fuck me hard.”
 This meant he was pimping (renting) a prostitute. Of course, no BajaNomad
 figured that out.  They just tried to find the place on a map.


Everybody Asks How The Fulano Files Are Doing

Here’s a chart of what Google tells me is happening on this blog (click on the image for a larger view):

This blog is a little more than three months old. Fulano’s first blog post was on June 21, 2010. Since then, the blog has grown to average between 650 and 850 page views per day. How does that compare to an established forum, say BajaNomad? It is difficult to say, since a message board forum is not a blog. It is not an apples-to-apples comparison. On a message board forum, people interact with each other and talk to each other, so there are multiple conversations happening on multiple subjects. On a blog, one person speaks, and the others mainly listen, although there is a comment section.

There are services that estimate the number of page views on internet websites. One website estimates Bajanomad has 551 pageviews per day. Another website estimates Bajanomad has 1,715 pageviews per day.

How did The Fulano Files go from zero to achieve a viewer interest comparable to Bajanomad in a matter of a few months? There are many opinions. If somebody wants to know if the road between Punta El Cielo and Punta El Diablo is passable, Bajanomads is the first place to look for an answer. If somebody wants to know the truth about Mexico, Bajanomads is the last place to look.


BajaNomads: What Lies Beneath – Part 7

There are some good, honest and sincere people who hang out on the BajaNomad message board. Unfortunately, there are also some not-so-good people there too. The dregs of humanity: lunatics, crooks, druggies, perverts, paranoid schizophrenics, psychopaths, sociopaths, alcoholics, senile old farts, pedophiles and plain weirdos. Even more unfortunate is that the person who runs the forum cannot differentiate the good from the bad. Or, maybe that is by design. I don’t know. Even worse than the forum moderator’s inability to sort it all out, is that many innocent readers don’t know what lies beneath. They sometimes get caught unaware in the riptide.

This is the seventh in a series Fulano will do from time to time on some of the more interesting denizens of BajaNomad.

“I ain’t no frickin shill” – Capt. Mike

With over 6,500 posts over eight years, Michael L. Goering is one of the longest and more prolific posters on BajaNomad. It is difficult to describe what he does for a living. He has stated at at various times that he is a general contractor, home builder-developer, renewable energy consultant, mortgage broker, and charter airline operator.

One thing is for sure, if you are looking for accurate information in Mexico, he is NOT your friend. He has jumped on Fulano’s case for having the temerity to point out where another poster was lying, especially when the poster was lying about Mexican real estate. When it comes to buying real estate in Mexico, Capt. Mike’s business philosophy is “buyer beware.” He does not want anybody on BajaNomad pointing out any problems with a piece of land or the seller.

it’s the buyer’s job to make a buy decision and assess risk, not some 3rd party “real estate police” on a simpleton travel board.

Frankly i think if Means is going to invite posters to list and sell on a sub section for real estate – he himself should defend those who use it against malicious attacks from the likes of Jose Doe!
capt. mike 5/30/2008

That part about BajaNomads being a “simpleton travel board” rings true. Got to hand that to him. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates aircraft pilot licensing and airline operations. In order to legally operate a charter operation, one first needs a license from the FAA. The kind of license depends upon the nature of the operations. Regularly scheduled airlines operate under a Part 121 license. On-call charter operations usually operate under a Part 135 license.

The requirements for either license are fairly strict, as the FAA is primarily concerned with safety. Even a Part 135 licensee has to have an FAA-approved operations manual that covers such necessities as pilot licensing and training, aircraft maintenance, and flight operations standards. These licenses are not that easy to get, and the FAA checks everything constantly to see that the operator is following the regulations and the operations manual. I should mention that, as a minimum, for simple charter operations, a pilot must have at least a commercial pilot’s license. However, most operations require pilots-in-command to have an Airline Transport Pilot license.

Capt. Mike has only a private pilot license. He is forbidden by law to operate as pilot-in-command of any operation for compensation or hire. That seems to be only a minor obstacle, since he openly and notoriously advertises his charter flight operation into Mexico. He tries to cover his liability by stating in smaller print on his webpage that he is not operating an air carrier service. That is like taking your dog to a park where no dogs are allowed and telling the cops your dog is a duck.

In spite of his admonitions to the contrary, Capt. Mike is a “frickin shill”. Other BajaNomad regulars, Bob and Susan, operate a resort just outside of Mulege. Capt. Mike has known them for years, yet he posted a review of Bob and Susan’s resort on their webpage, as if he was some tourist who just fell off the turnip truck. Click on the image for a larger view of it:

Bob and Susan are the best hosts!! We enjoy all they have to offer, there is no place like
theirs anywhere on the peninsula. If they had a runway, I would never leave!!
Capt. Mike, skipper on the Screaming Airlines, Baja air charter.

Notice how he also manages to claim to operate a Baja air charter operation…again.