Cabo Angels – Case Study #2

The Cabo Angels have been making known incidents that happened to tourists in Cabo San Lucas. Here is one that was published in Noticabos.

Case Study #2

On the night of Saturday August 28, 2010, a volunteer with the Cabo Angels heard some horrible screams of pain and despair near the Hotel Tesoro. A passerby told him that there was a person in trouble in the parking lot of the Hotel Tesoro.

Upon arriving there, the volunteer found a foreigner of about thirty years of age, of slim build, screaming and crying, surrounded by at least eight hotel security officers who had him in handcuffs.

The foreigner shouted that they had sprayed pepper spray at his eyes and he was wearing contact lenses. The security staff commented that the foreigner had become violent and had did not have the 150 pesos ($12) to pay for the parking.

The Cabo Angels asked that he be released, and gave the victim water to wash his eyes and paid the 150 pesos to the hotel staff.

This foreigner filed a formal complaint the next day with the hotel manager on duty, and the Cabo Angels called to corroborate his version of the incident. Arresting someone in the manner the hotel security did is listed in the Federal Penal Code as a crime.

Baja California Sur Bankrupt?

For awhile now, there have been stories circulating around that the five municipalities in the Mexican state of Baja Calfiornia Sur are in deep financial trouble. I have avoided reporting it up to now, because the state is involved in an election cycle and these kinds of claims are common, especially from the political parties that are not in power.

But of late, the same stories have been in all the newspapers, even those aligned with the current state government. It has been reported that municipal workers have not received paychecks for the last three payroll cycles, which are every 15 days. Contracts are going unpaid. The local municipalities are complaining that Governor Narciso Agúndez has the money locked-up and is not parting with any. State politicians are saying the federal government is not sending money.

Whatever the reason, everybody is saying there will be a significant cut-back in government services.