Americans Living in Baja Will Promote Positive Image of the State In US

[Translated by Fulano from an article in Spanish.]

Dozens of Americans living in Baja California, in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism, met to organize a committee on the image and perception of the state, which will seek strategies to improve the image of the region in the United States, said Juan Tintos Funcke, Baja California’s Secretary of Tourism.

The Tourism Secretary said that this workshop is a very specific strategy, in which Americans living in Mexico made important proposals to change the perspective of residents in the United States about Mexico and thereby increase foreign tourism.

“In the struggle they are helping us with their countrymen, through their organizations, communications media, social networks, through events and other actions that will include travelling with us on working tours, news media meetings, primarily in California, to speak well of Baja California,” explained the head of Secture.

He stressed that this will serve as testimony that the conditions in the state have improved and are presented so that tourists will return.

Bernadette Schmuker is a resident of Ensenada and explained that the American community is aware that in many cases only negative information is presented in the foreign media, which damages the Baja California economy, of which they also benefit.

“Letting people know that here in Baja California we live well, we live at ease. Yes it has its problems but we’re all in this together and want to help improve things. The fact that I speak Spanish means that I have lived her for 24 years, living in Ensenada, and I live well. I feel good, like someone from here. I work, I’m happy, I choose to live in Mexico, in Ensenada,” said Schmuker.

It should be mentioned that the workshop began on 8 June, in a renowned hotel in the city of Rosarito.

[Fulano’s note: Bernadette Schmuker works for Baja Country Club where she markets houses to gringos.]


San Quintin: Two Men Tortured, Murdered

[Fulano’s note: Looks like Bajagringo didn’t move far enough south. Well, there’s still Bahia Asunción. One of the bigger fallacies put forth by the BajaNomads these days is that only the border area of Baja is unsafe and that once south of Ensenada all is OK. They seem to think there is an invisible force field that the criminals won’t cross. Or maybe somebody sprinkled magic fairy dust all around. ]

Two men were found dead in the early hours of Friday 10 June, under the Las Parritas bridge in San Quintin, located 110 miles south of Ensenada.

According to initial data from the attorney general, the bodies were reported around 8:00 am.

The bodies were of young men between 20 and 25 years old, one of which was wrapped in a tarp and another in a sleeping bag. Both were killed violently and were tortured before dying.

At the moment none of these two men has been identified. Both youths were wearing jeans and striped T-shirts.

Link to article is Spanish.


Baja California Makes Auto Insurance Mandatory

On May 31, 2011, the state Congress of Baja California approved an amendment to the Vehicle Control code that makes it mandatory for all owners of vehicles to have insurance to cover property and medical damages in the case of accidents. The law goes into effect January 1, 2012.

The law also describes the maximum insurance premium insurance companies can charge, which initially will be 897 pesos ($80 dollars) per year for 260,000 pesos ($22,500 dollars) of coverage. To ensure vehicles are covered, the law also requires vehicle owners to have insurance to register a vehicle or renew registration. The new law further establishes penalties for not having insurance.

Link to article in Spanish.


Ironic Photo Of The Day

Cover of glossy magazine pitched to woo Americans to Baja California

….and headline from the Tijuana newspaper Frontera:

15% of Baja California’s population suffers from depression

About 15% of the population in Baja California has had an episode of depression, confirmed Luis Enrique Dorantes Marines, general director of the State Psychiatry Institute.

According to the specialist depression, whether severe, moderate or light is a disease that occurs all over Baja California, although not all receive medical treatment.

Link to article in Spanish.


Hanging Around Tijuana

Man found hanging from the Pemex bridge this morning over
the free road to Rosarito.

…and in other news

Murders Increased 350% in Baja California Over The Past 10 Years

In the last decade, Baja California has become a battleground where not only have violent deaths increased by 350%, but where such deaths were taken to the extremes of hanging bodies and severed heads placed in public areas.

According to information provided by the transparency page of the State Government, in 2000 143 people died because of injuries attributable to firearms, while five others were burned.

In 2010 bullets had killed 654 people, another 30 people were burned to death and 5 were found hung in public spaces such as bridges and traffic intersections.

Link to hanging article in Spanish.

Link to crime article in Spanish.


Baja California’s New Crime Reporting Service

For Baja California, the toll-free telephone number 1-866-201-5060 is being put into service to receive calls from foreigners who have suffered some type of crime in the state. They can call from anywhere in the United States, including Puerto Rico and Hawaii, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Marcos Sotomayor, state director of C4, announced. “C4” is the Control, Command, Communications and Computation Center of the State of Baja California’s Public Safety/Security Secretariat.

The phone line will be staffed by bilingual operators, and it will also be used to receive reports of incidents such as the loss of a migrant in the desert.

The official said that Baja California receives about 20 complaints monthly from foreigners who have suffered some type of crime in the state, but it is estimated that many more cases go unreported. He estimated that as is the case in the rest of the country Baja California receives reports on barely 4% of the criminal acts.

That means there are probably over 500 crimes against foreigners in Baja California monthly!

Link to article.


Julián Leyzaola Pérez New Deputy Director Of Baja State Police

It didn’t take long for the former chief of police of Tijuana to land on his feet. Although it had been rumored for some time, Julián Leyzaola Pérez was sworn in as the new deputy chief of the Baja California State Police. If President Calderon’s plan to eliminate municipal police departments and just have one consolidated police force for each state comes to pass, it is likely that Leyzaola would be chief of all the police in Baja California.