This Won’t Go Over Very Well At TJAmigos

The president of the National Action Party in Tijuana, Enrique Méndez Juárez, said he disagrees with the proposal by MP Rosie Orozco, president of the Committee against Human Trafficking, to close the vice-ridden sites located in callejón and calle Coahuila, in order to avoid the use of minors in prostitution.

“I do not like to generalize that the entire Zona Norte is bad. I know many of the entrepreneurs in the area, I think there are very respectable people there, there are others who are looking every day to circumvent the authorities. I know they have found secret passages between a bar and a hotel, or between a bar and another location, tunnels, etc., but they were truly isolated cases, “said Méndez Juárez.

Link to article in Spanish.