The Donkey and the Dogs Wanted to Turn Around

…it’s not hard to figure out why they wanted to turn around after you read about the events that somehow were overlooked on 77 pages of comments on BajaNomads and a video recorded at trail’s end in Cabo San Lucas.

October 1, 2010
by Ed Zieralski in the San Diego Union Tribune

Mike Younghusband began his Baja adventure today with a loaded burro, his two pet dogs and a heart filled with wanderlust that he hopes will power him on his six-month, 1,500-mile trek of Mexico’s incredible peninsula. 

“Viva Mexico. God Bless America,” Younghusband yelled as a Tecate TV station filmed him loading his burro and heading out on his incredible journey. 

Younghusband told a Tecate TV station today that his trip also is about showing Americans that it’s safe to travel in Baja. 

“I want all Americans to see that you can come to Baja, be a tourist and be safe,” Younghusband said.

April 21, 2011
by Ed Zieralski in the Sand Diego Union Tribune

Younghusband struggled out of the gate. He called the first stretch, “Navy Seal Hell Week,” as his young, 3-year-old donkey and pet dogs kept wanting to turn around… Later, he was robbed of his pesos, the equivalent of about $600, by a Mexican who was hiding from police in the U.S… 

He tried to discourage the dog from being with him at first, but on the first night she camped with him, she scared off a car load of drunk Mexicans who had harassed Younghusband during the day.

…and in spite of these events, Mr. Younghusband is still reporting to the public that Baja is safe. If you want to understand what quirk of human nature turns people into liars, you should read Fulano’s blog on Cognitive Consonance. Mr. Younghusband, for all his good intentions, had made up his mind that Baja was safe before he even started his journey and announced that to the world. There is no event that could occur to change his mind, as that would mean admitting he was wrong.

One Heck Of An Adventure! from Gringo Gazette TV on Vimeo.