The Wanted and the Unwanted – Another Story

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On June 9, 2006, the Justice Department obtained a permanent injunction against Hal J. Clark, of San Felipe, Baja California. Clark has been permanently barred from acting as a federal income tax return preparer. The court also entered injunctions in the same case against Jack R. Gosney and Charles T. Kizer.

The government complaint in the suit alleged that the three defendants—operating under the names JRG Financial Group or JRG Associates in Riverside—prepared returns for customers claiming improper deductions for personal expenses and grossly inflated business expense deductions. The complaint asserted that the defendants created fictitious partnerships and sole proprietorships in order to improperly reduce customers’ reported tax liabilities. The government suit alleged that the three men prepared over 8,000 federal tax returns in the past five years for individuals or partnerships. According to the complaint, an IRS audit of 120 returns signed by Clark, Gosney or Kizner revealed that the three preparers understated their customers’ tax liabilities by an average of $16,000 per return.

Under the terms of the permanent injunction, Clark must notify his customers of the injunction and give the Justice Department the names, addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and Social Security numbers of his recent customers.

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So, let’s see now. 8,000 false federal income tax returns with an average tax liability understatement of $16,000. That could amount to $128 million of unpaid taxes. What the IRS is going to do with the names and social security numbers of these yahoo’s tax clients is go back and assess them for the unpaid taxes, plus interest and plus penalties. That could easily double the amount due to the government.

Hal J. Clark

I’ll bet you’re wondering what Fulano is up to with all this information. As Fulano has said many times here, Mexico is just not what it seems to be.  Hal J. Clark lives full time in San Felipe, Baja California. He is the past president of the San Felipe Lions Club. Hal is very involved with a monthly color magazine targeted at Gringos which encourages them to move to Mexico and buy Mexican real estate. The magazine is Mexico Living and has several affiliated websites. Hal posts articles as a contributing editor under the name “BajaPaco.” Clark is active in promoting San Felipe specifically and Mexico in general.

Clark is the event administrator for the Mexico Living Home Show, for resort living in Northwest Mexico, a promotional event produced by the Mexico Living people.

If Hal J. Clark was a Mexican, and not an American citizen, with his record he would not even qualify for a tourist visa to come to the US. People who immigrate to the US the legal way, have to demonstrate their good moral character.  Mexico, for some reason, does not seem to care too much about what foreigners it lets live in the country.


American Fugitive Captured and Deported From Mexico

Rebecca Parrett, a former National Century Financial Enterprises Inc. executive who fled the U.S. to avoid a 25-year prison term, was arrested in a Mexican resort town where she liked to dance, a U.S. official said. Parrett, 62, was picked up yesterday by Mexican immigration authorities in Ajijic, Jalisco, Deputy U.S. Marshal Brian Babtist said today. Parrett was convicted in Columbus, Ohio, in March 2008 for her role in a $2.9 billion fraud. Days later, while out on bail, she fled her home in Carefree, Arizona. She was declared a fugitive and sentenced in absentia in March 2009.

“She was living in the lap of luxury,” Babtist said in a telephone interview from Columbus. “She was having fun, telling people that she was an American who had testified against several people in a large white-collar crime case. She was trying to stay anonymous and using an alias.”
Parrett was flown yesterday from Guadalajara to Los Angeles, where she was arrested on a warrant, he said.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Chooljian, at a hearing today in federal court in Los Angeles, ordered Parrett to be detained and transferred to Columbus. Parrett, who was represented by a public defender, waived her right to an identity hearing in Los Angeles.

She was convicted with four other executives in 2008 of fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. She was also ordered to pay $2.38 billion in restitution. Parrett, a former vice chairman, secretary and treasurer, was one of 10 executives who were convicted at trial or pleaded guilty.

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Parrett was carrying a Mexican drivers license with the name Carol Ann Marrero when arrested. The license was issued in Cabo San Lucas.