Loreto: Timeshare Salespeople Anger Tourists

Translated by Fulano from El Sudcaliforniano.

Both Mexican and foreign tourists are beginning to express their anger at the presence of timeshare salespeople of the Villa Group, who in their desire to promote their product have taken up strategic locations, like the international airport, historic town center, military checkpoints and even including outside hotels.

During the last few months, about 30 of the salespeople, who are brought in from other locations by the Villa Group, literally harass visitors which severely damages the image of a tourist destination that has been known up until now for its hospitality.

According to the tourists, this destination had a friendly face, as it did not have the problem of street vendors, but in place of that now has begun the proliferation of these types of timeshare promoters who are are extremely persistent and annoying to passersby.

Specifically,f rom the moment they arrive at the airport these so-called timeshare people approach tourists and offer them in a crude manner the promotional packages of Villa Group. They also are at the historic town center, gather outside the main hotels and, to make matters worse, have located themselves at a military checkpoint north of Loreto, which is a further nuisance.