Cancun: Springbreakers Not Wanted

[Translated by Fulano from a news story.]

Cancun Hotel and tourism businesses this year do not look forward to the luxury of springbreakers, even though an estimated 15 000 will arrive this season, which begins on Saturday, stated the director of the Trust for Promotion of Tourism of the Riviera Maya, Darius Fleet Ocampo.

On the other hand, Business Coordinating Council consultant, Sigfrido Paz Paredes said that Cancun should reduce the number of these young students from the U.S. and Canada or “springbreakers.” The economic gain is minimal compared to their demand for special care making them difficult market sector.

“Businessmen in the tourist sector say that much of the bad image of Cancun was generated ten years ago when the city became a favorite of those 18-year old tourists who come to Mexico, attracted by the temptation to drink without limit and experience excesses which are not allowed in their countries,” said Paz Paredes.

Lenin Gonzalez, travel agent in the United States said his company canceled a package of 1,000 springbreakers due to the low economic profitability. Other agents said it’s not worth working with groups of 1,000 students who travel with very low fares. Furthermore, from the time they get off the plane they must take care of them, transport them to the hotel and ensure they do not miss the return flight home.

All this is without considering how they leave the rooms so dirty that they must be cleaned thoroughly, it is double work, all springbreakers mean is double the work and less benefits.

The only people that support these visitors are low-cost agencies like Best Day, owned by Fernando GarcĂ­a Zalvidea, who hoteliers believe is the springbreaker promoter.

The president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agents, Humberto Garcia said that this is a controversial segment, for some it is a business but not for others, but it is still a market that Cancun is seeking,” he said.

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