To Fish, Or Not To Fish?


Fulano has often enough blogged about the dysfunctional nature of Mexico. It seems Mexicans can never get their ducks in a row on anything. Here is an example I came across during my morning read of a few Mexican newspapers.

What we have are two separate news articles published in two different newspapers on the very same day. Here is a summarized translation of the articles:

Ensenada – Sportfishing operators complained to Governor José Guadalupe Osuna Millán about the indiscriminate looting of marine species in Mexican waters by U.S. fishermen who invade coastal Baja California, protected by fishing licenses issued by the Mexican fisheries office in San Diego. Gerardo Sánchez Córdova, representative of the Sportfishing Association of Ensenada, said that foreigners come to fish in Mexican waters and nobody has the authority to stop them as they show their fishing licenses issued by the San Diego ofice of CONAPESCA.

Loreto, BCS – Loreto, as other ports in our state, has traditionally been a place for sport fishing, but lacks events which would promote this activity, indicated members of this business sector in our area. 

Several years ago, this area was a part of the circuit for the Governors Cup of sport fishing, but unfortunately it was excluded, with no reason given.

For those who are involved in the sport fishing sector, the promotion and dissemination of this activity is very important, and we ask for the support of the tourism authorities in our state.

It would be very important that the organizers of the Governors Cup circuit include Loreto among its locations, and is a way to continue promoting this tourist destination which for years has been one of the locations in our state for sport fishing.