Ironic Photo Of The Day

Left: Arturo Cervantes Fernando Rivera receives award. Right: He does his perp walk.

On February 4, 2011, Rosarito deputy commandant of the motorcycle section, Arturo Cervantes Fernando Rivera, 38-years old, was the first police officer recognized by various Rosarito social organizations, led by the Rotary Club of Playas de Rosarito. He was recognized for his outstanding record in detention, social work and citizen care.

On June 11, 2011, that very same Arturo Cervantes Fernando Rivera was arrested in a joint operation between municipal police and the Mexican military in colonia Colinas del Sol, where he was providing protection for an illegal cock fighting operation for 3,000 pesos per week. It was revealed that Cervantes Rivera tipped off the operators of the palenque, and many attendees were able to flee before the police raid.

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Two American Women Hid For 15 Years In Rosarito

Frontera is reporting this morning that two American women, mother and daughter, have been turned over to Mexican immigration for deportation.

The two women had apparently lived at the same address in Rosarito for 15 years and rarely were seen or went outside. Police went to the door to evict the two after the owners of the house lost a judgement brought forth by Quintas del Mar. A woman answered the door and said she was Mary Caigle, 60-years old. Behind her was another woman who identified herself as Amanda Caigle, 20-years old, who said she had lived in the house from the age of 5 and almost never went outside.

Upon entering the home, authorities found it was full of trash and had a fetid odor. Paramedics from the Red Cross examined the women, determined they were in good health, and the women were taken to a judge for deportation proceedings. The American Consulate was aiding in the procedures.

Interior of the home were Mary and Amanda Caigle were found.


Man Dies In Front of Rosartio Mayor – Paramedics Refuse To Help

Yesterday, Wednesday at approximately 12:45 in the afternoon, the mayor of Playas de Rosarito, Javier Robles Aguirre, was at a function in Rosarito. Also attending was José María Acosta Vázquez, 72-years old, who was the president of Club de la Alegría “Rayito del Sol” (Sunbeam Club). Acosta Vázquez suffered a heart attack at the event and died.

Red Cross paramedics were also at the event. Mayor Aquirre asked the paramedics to attend to Acosta Vázquez, saying, “A man is dying. Please, I am the mayor and I am begging you to come help.” The paramedics refused to help.

Later Mayor Aguirre described what occurred as, “an act of disinterest on the part of the Red Cross personnel,” and identified the paramedic as Ignacio Echeagaray Ríos, who is the hospital coordinator. In response, Ríos said, “You are not going to tell me what to do.”

José María Acosta

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Update, June 3, 2010: A current news item reports that five people at the Rosarito Red Cross were terminated over the incident.


Rosarito Police Blotter

Yesterday two cars parked at calle Nayarit, number 20 in colonia Lucio Blanco, were strafed with automatic rifle fire. The owner of the home, Carlos Castillo, 44-years old and an employee of PEMEX, has no idea why his cars were shot up.

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Yesterday around 8PM the body of a man was found lying in the street with at least four bullet wounds. The body lay in front of a house under construction on calle Islas Coronado in colonia Lomas de Coronado. It appears the man was shot, and then run over to make sure he was dead.

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American’s Home Cleaned Out By Thieves in Rosarito

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May 9, 2011 – A 70-year old American was troubled and surprised when he arrived at his home in Mexico and discovered that during the week thieves had practically emptied the property.

Upon arriving at his home located in the Mision del Mar I subdivision, Duane Raymond Mooney, who also resides in California, found his home without security lights, completely in the dark and that the door locks had been broken.

But in the interior of the home, his surprise was even greater. He lost two 29-inch plasma TV’s, a slot machine, a microwave oven, dinnerware, appliances, clothes and shoes, personal accessories, women’s clothes, cleaning supplies, various tools and two walkie talkies.

As if that was not enough, the American discovered that his automatic garage opener had also disappeared. When the police arrived, he told them he had no idea who robbed his property, and in spite of the search by the police, it was not possible to identify those responsible.


Complaints of Police Abuse in Rosarito Increase

Since the new Playas de Rosarito mayor, Javier Robles Aguirre, entered office last December there has been an increasing number of citizens’ complaints of police abuse to the public trustee. In the latest complaint, Laura Elena Polanco, owner of a home in colonia Constitución reported that last April 25, around 2PM, two uniformed officers broke down her door and searched her home.

The two policemen, Carlos Téllez and Roberto Ramírez, are members of Rosarito’s Immediate Reaction Group. They told Polanco that they had an anonymous tip that there she was selling drugs in her home.

Mexico has search and seizure laws similar to the US, which requires a search warrant signed by a judge before entering and searching a home. In this case the police officers had no search warrant.

The public trustee, Roberto Perales, said that since the new administration started there have been around 40 complaints from citizens of police abuse, several of them directed at members of Rosarito’s Immediate Reaction Group. He also said that officer Carlos Téllez was also being investigated for other complaints of police abuse.

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Parking Meters Installed In Playas de Rosarito

Although this news report is in Spanish, Fulano can summarize it succinctly by telling you everybody interviewed about this is really pissed-off. The parking charge is $1 per hour (that’s one DOLLAR per hour, not one PESO per hour.) They also say the fine for not putting money in the parking meter will be 260 pesos, or about $22. At the end of the interview a city councilman is talking and suggesting that people in the prior administration had some personal financial gain in granting the parking meter contracts.


Corruption in Rosarito

Fulano blogged about the assassination of Rosarito police commander José Carlos Ventura Isada last March. Well, last month the Tijuana publication Zeta came out with a story on corruption in Rosarito.

One of the revelations in the Zeta article was that Ventura Isada was killed at the orders of Héctor Guajardo Hernández “El Güicho”. El Güicho took over the area when El Teo was arrested in January 2010. The Zeta article says that Ventura Isada was set up by his own Rosarito police officers. It seems that Ventura Isada was an honest cop and in the way.

The main revelation in the Zeta article is that since the new Rosarito mayor, Javier Robles, took office last December, the entire Rosarito police force has started working for the drug cartels. Zeta says the Rosarito police are divided up into two groups.

One group is used to safeguard the movement of large scale drug shipments and receive their orders from Alfredo Arteaga González and Arzate García Alonso. The second group is comprised of patrol units whose task is to protect people and homes invovled in street sales of drugs.

Members of the State Security Council are aware of the corruption problems within the Municipal Police Department of Rosarito. The authority of the Chief of Police, Major Magdaleno Vasquez, has been usurped by Commander Mario Alberto Navarrete Núñez, who was directly appointed by Mayor Javier Robles without consultation.


16 Mexicans Rescued Clinging To a Buoy Off Rosarito

16 Mexicans were rescued off the coast of Rosarito in the early hours of May 4 when the panga in which they were riding in an attempt to sneak into the US illegally struck a buoy and sank. The 13 men and 3 women clung to the buoy until the Mexican Navy came to rescue them.

Waiting for rescue off Rosarito.
 Notice they did not even have life jackets.

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