Ensenada Club Owner Arrested For Underage Prostitution

Arturo Salman Palacios, 47-years old, was arrested in Ensenada May 22, 2011 and charged with promoting underage prostitution at his nightclub “Los Mostachones.” Police also arrested four girls, aged 16 to 17.

If the name “Los Mostachones” sounds familiar, it is because Ensenada city councilman Arturo Castellanos Ruiz was murdered as he left the establishment on February 6, 2011 and every judge assigned to that case has recused himself.


There Are 5,976 Registered Prostitutes in Tijuana

AFN Tijuana has an article today on the “health” of the “sexoservidoras” industry. Sexoservidora is the most polite word in Spanish for prostitute. It translates as “sex service person.” The municipal health department of Tijuana registers these people and gives them routine exams. The women (and men) actually have health cards that they are required to show to authorities. Although it is a legal requirement to register, not all of these service people choose to register with the health department. In fact, based upon the statistics below, it looks like more are not registered than are registered. Some interesting statistics were disclosed:

  • There are currently 5,976 active registered sexoservidoras in Tijuana
  • For the first three quarters of 2010, they have detected two cases of HIV infection
  • For the first three quarters of 2010, they have detected 75 cases of fungal vaginitis, 8 cases of gonorrhea and 9 condylomata genital warts

Maybe I should have warned the readers to not look at this until after breakfast?

In any event, this is apparently one of the growth industries in Tijuana. Angel Casillas De la Torre, director of the health department, says the number of prostitutes in Tijuana is growing at an incredible rate. Last year there were but 3,000 registered sexoservidoras. The cadre has doubled in a year. It’s either that, or most of the sexoservidoras were not registered and getting their health checks.

AFN Tijuana: Tijuana sexiservidoras

By the way, not withstanding the AFN photo, it is reportedly illegal for sexoservidoras to dress as little school girls to cater to the pedophilic fantasies of perverse men. Last week, three real Tijuana schoolgirls were raped at knife-point as they left the late afternoon classes at the private Einstein school and were crossing the bridge over Boulevard 2000.