Sewage Leak In Ensenada Closes Beaches

Due to a pipeline failure at the El Gallo sewage treatment plant in Ensenada, the Department of Ecology has issued an alert advising anyone to avoid contact with the ocean water between arroyo El Gallo and arroyo El Faro. The advisory was issued last Tuesday after thousands of gallons of untreated sewage entered the ocean from a pipeline break.

Of course, this alert is a super secret. The only way any American tourist — or Mexican for that matter —  could possibly find out about it is if he happened to read El Vigia in Spanish and happened to know where in Hell arroyo El Gallo and arroyo El Faro were. Unlike in the US when there is such an occurrance, there is no signage posted anywhere on the Ensenada beaches to warn anyone. No sense getting any tourists upset. Besides, by the time they get a skin rash or stomach ailment they will be long gone.

For those who may be interested, the area with the warning covers almost all of the bay of Todos Santos, from just north of Ensenada down to Estero Beach.

Link to article in Spanish.


Tijuana Sewage Forces Closure of Imperial Beach

Sewage runoff from the rain-swollen Tijuana River has forced the closure of the beach at Imperial Beach in southern San Diego County, environmental officials said Saturday.

With more rain predicted, more sewage is expected to flow into the ocean and foul other stretches of beach, officials said. Rain has led to sewage-contaminated runoff into the Tijuana River and the Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge.