The Wanted and Unwanted: American Arrested In Tijuana For Pedophilia

Lat Friday, May 13, 2011, American James Kevin Rabaloso, 49-years old, was arrested in the Zona Rio of Tijuana for recruiting children to produce child pornography that he sold over the internet.

Rabaloso is reported to pay between $70 and $100 for each photographic session. He was arrested with a computer in his possession that contained child pornography. Mexican authorities reported that Rabaloso had been arrested in January 29, 2006 on the same charges, but reported no reason why he was freed.

James Kevin Rabaloso does his perp walk in Tijuana

Link to article in Spanish.


The Milkman Always Rings Twice

Fulano has always maintained that when it comes to Mexico, nothing is ever as it seems. Here is a case in point.

There is an innocuous message board run by an American ex-pat living in Tijuana. The blog is called www.tijuanablog and the owner/moderator uses the screen name “George Costanza.” The message board is focused on ex-pats living in Tijuana and Americans who visit there, just as BajaNomads is focused on all of Baja California. There is nothing unusual going on there, at least on the surface. As a matter of fact, one of the moderators of the website is “BajaGringo,” who in real life is Ron Hoff and operates his own message board, “TalkBaja,” as well as being a frequent poster on BajaNomads.

But, just as with BajaNomads, it is what lies beneath George Costanza’s Tijuanablog that is more interesting.

Fulano has blogged about another Tijuana website, on several occasions. It is a website dedicated to discussing prostitution in Tijuana. The poster JoeJustJoe, who now is haunting the BajaNomads message board, is an active member of TJAmigos, posting under the name “Rodrigo.” In fact, JoeJustJoe boasted to Fulano in his comments here that he was alternatively the owner or operator of TJAmigos. Well, we all know that JoeJustJoe is full of shit.

Until recently, the owner and moderator of the message board was the same person who  operates the message board. He is still the main moderator. On TJAmigos, his screen name is “Milkman.” On the mild-mannered, his screen name is “George Costanza.” His real name is Michael Bowman, a 58-year old man from Arizona. He appears to have a strange fascination with butt plugs and dildos. Here is a post of his on TJAmigos.

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Hat tip to Jihad E. Salman of Temple City, California, who is Rodrigo on TJAmigos and JoeJustJoe on BajaNomads, for inadvertently ratting out his buddies. Jihad-baby, you really need to learn to shut the fuck up.