Mexican Foreign Ministry Releases Report on Arizona

The Mexican Foreign Ministry released a report card on Arizona as SB 1070 was implemented last week. Here is a summary of what they reported:

  • 88.6% of the Hispanic population of Arizona was born in Mexico
  • Between 400,000 and 530,000 undocumented Mexicans live in Arizona
  • Approximately 1,800,000 people of Mexican birth live in Arizona
  • Between January and June of this year, 4,047 unaccompanied minors were deported from Arizona back to Mexico
  • Between January and July of this year, 154 Mexicans illegally crossing the border died in the Arizona desert

Link to the article in Spanish.


Arizona SB1070 Ruling: Fulano Has Some Thoughts

Over the next few days, everyone and his brother is going to have his own spin on what Judge Susan Bolton’s ruling today on Arizona SB1070 means. Arizona governor Jan Brewer has already stated that she will be filing an expedited appeal, which would be to the 9th District Court of Appeals. I don’t expect much to come of that, since the 9th District is the most liberal court in the US, and is routinely overruled by the Supreme Court. The real showdown will be in the Supreme Court.

There are winners and losers on both sides of this, and I do not think anyone can claim a victory. Let me explain who I believe lost today.

President Obama

Every national poll taken on SB1070 shows that two-thirds of the citizens of the United States support it. In what will probably be recorded as the biggest political blunder in the modern history of the US, President Obama went against the judgment of the majority of the people and sued Arizona to overturn SB1070. People don’t like that. People are beginning to think that Obama is not their president. The mid-term elections are now only three months away, and SB1070 will be in the news every day as it wends its way up to the Supreme Court.

Sanctuary Cities
Judge Bolton has ruled that cities cannot prohibit the enforcement of federal immigration laws. That means any city with an ordinance prohibiting such enforcement is now in violation of federal law. Wake up San Francisco.
Human Smugglers
Judge Bolton allowed certain provisions of SB1070 to stand, and they will be in effect tomorrow. Allowed to stand are the laws dealing with human smuggling and making it a state crime to transport illegal aliens. Better think about that one. If a legal resident of Arizona is stopped while one of his illegal primos is in the car (there are many mixed families of legals/illegals) then the legal resident can be charged with a crime.
The judge also refused to grant an injunction against sections 7 through 13 of SB 1070. Among other things, those sections of the law contain a prohibition barring employers from knowingly hiring illegal immigrants. So hiring an illegal immigrant in Arizona is now a federal and a state crime.
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I also want to clear up some confusion that the mass media is spreading. Judge Bolton put an injunction against the provision in SB1070 that required law enforcement to check the immigration status of people they have legitimate contact with. The word required is the operative word here. While they are not required to check, there is absolutely no prohibition against a police officer checking the immigration status of a person, if he so chooses. Federal law requires federal authorities to respond to all requests for verification of immigration status.

The Invasion Will Be Televised

There is a gentleman in Arizona who has taken it upon himself to document the flow of illegal immigrants into the US across our southern border with Mexico. He takes a great effort to remain anonymous, while at the same time expending an even greater effort to film the flow of illegal aliens. He travels large distances in dangerous areas in the Arizona desert and hides small video camera equipment alongside known immigrant smuggling trails. There he leaves the equipment to record for weeks at a time. He then publishes his videos on his website, which is here.

Here is one of his videos, which alone has recorded over 700 illegal aliens over a 40-day period.

Little is known of this person. He did give an interview in which he disclosed that he is a Vietnam veteran who became aware of the illegal immigrant situation while observing Border Patrol foot chases across his property in Arizona. He then decided to document the failure of the United States government to secure the border. This is what he said:

When I began to have Border Patrol foot chases across my property I became more interested in the issue of illegal immigration. As I became more knowledgeable I realized that very few people around the country were aware of the massive numbers. I decided the best way to inform people was to show them. Having a lifetime of outdoor experience and skills, I began looking for alien trails to place cameras on.