American Murdered in Los Cabos

Well, if you read the news in Spanish, the poor American committed suicide by cutting his own throat and jumping into the ocean.

Martin Lewis Davis, [real name is Martin David Lewis] 60 years old and originally from Michigan was staying at a hotel in the tourist corridor of Los Cabos when he went for a walk on the beach. His body was later found on the rocks with his throat cut.

The Attorrney General has declared it a suicide, even though there was no suicide note or other evidence. An editorial comment at the bottom of the article says this was a cover-up by power people in the tourist industry trying to protect their financial interests. Being labeled as a suicide, the case in closed.

Another publication mentioned that the deceased slashed his neck three times before he was able to sever his jugular vein. That is kind of like shooting yourself in the head twice.

Perfect Crime?

Link to article in Spanish.