Incident in Morelia, Michoacán

David Hernandez Farias, 25 year old, left his house in Capula, a small town on the outskirts of Morelia, last Sunday morning around 8AM to go to the soccer fields near his home. When he did not return home all day, not even in the evening to sleep, his family decided to go look for him. Around 6PM the next day, Monday, some neighbors told his family where David’s body was laying in the dirt.

Going to that location, his family saw he was dead, having been killed by blows to the head with heavy objects.

There is one other item: David was a deaf-mute.

David Hernandez Farias

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Cabo San Lucas: Man Murdered At Hotel Pueblo Bonito Rose

There’s lots of chismes circulating about this murder last Saturday morning at 5:45AM in Cabo San Lucas. After reading about five different reported versions of the events, here is what Fulano was able to determine are consistent facts in the event.

On April 19, the victim, Gabriel González Lazcano, arrived on a private flight from Sonora for an Easter Week vacation. He was accompanied by his family and friends. He is reported to be a farmer. His father is a retired school teacher. Friday night, the victim and his friends were going around the town and stopping at discotheques, finally arriving at their hotel lobby in the early morning of Saturday.

Three rental cars pulled up to the hotel and various men and women got out. One of the men, without saying a word, fired point blank into the victim several times. The shooter then ran towards the lobby door, where a security guard attempted to detain him. The shooter pointed his gun at the security guard, who then let him pass. The shooter was accompanied by his girlfriend, who left her purse at the scene.

I surmise that the police will be able to trace the shooter through the evidence in the girl’s purse.

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Juan Leonardo Zamudio López

Well, just as Fulano surmized, the killer of Gabriel González Lazcano has been identified as Juan Leonardo Zamudio López, 31 years old, from Mazatlán, Sinaloa. Investigators indicate they believe Zamudio is involved with drug cartels.

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US Citizen Killed In Tijuana

Link to article in the SDUT.

Henry Abalayan Acejo, 45, was found dead of numerous wounds on Dec. 18, the Baja California Attorney General’s Office said in a prepared statement.

A popular professor, he taught at three colleges in San Diego County, and was described by a fellow teacher as “an angel on Earth.”  Acejo was stabbed to death at his Tijuana apartment, Mexican authorities said Tuesday.

Acejo, who was from the Philippines, taught Filipino language courses at Southwestern College and at San Diego State University, and English as a second language at those two colleges and at Mid-City Community College in San Diego.

Now for the news the media are too politically correct to tell you. Acejo was gay and was killed by two men whom he invited into his apartment. Neighbors saw him enter his apartment with the two men, and later saw Acejo banging against his window screaming for help.


Women Murdered in San Felipe

An article in Crisol De San Felipe  reports an apparent murder of an American women in her 60’s who was killed by two bullets to the head. According to the report, the women lived at the Quinta Las Rosas tourist campo and was discovered by her neighbors after they had not seen her for six days and noticed a strong odor from her home.

Police were called and found the women lying face down on a bed in a bedroom. Neighbors reported that the woman’s husband has not been seen for three days and is presumed to have returned to the US. Police have refused to release the name of the victim or her husband because the case is under investigation, citing the new rules for the oral trial system that has been recently implemented.


Ministerial Police Commander in Rosarito Assassinated

Last night, July 27, 2010 at approximately 11PM, Antonio Sanchez, the Commander of the Ministerial Police (court police) of Rosarito was murdered outside the Public Prosecutor’s offices on Potpotla Blvd.

According to early reports, the events occurred when the commander was inside his own car parked in front of the Public Prosecutor’s offices in the company of another agent, who was seriously wounded.

Link to the article in Spanish

Update, Wednesday 7/28/2010:

This afternoon the attorney general in Rosarito, Rafael Gonzalez, linked the murder of Antonio Sanchez with the earlier arrest of 22 illegal aliens in a house at KM 45.5 on the free road to Ensenada. He said the homeowner came to the police to complain that the person who cares for the house had a lot of people inside. The owner thought it may be a robbery.

Police went to the home and found 21 men and one woman from several other Mexican states who said they were to pay $5,000 each to be brought across the border to the US illegally. They also found gasoline cans and life jackets. The 22 persons were turned over to federal authorities, and immediately thereafter Antonio Sanchez was attacked.