From Another Mexico Message Board

We purchased a condominium in Baja over four years ago. Construction took over two years and we have been in two years ago last week. The complex was supposed to be 24 units with pool, spa, workout room, etc. To date, we have only 1 six story building with 12 units. We are in one of the penthouse units on the 6th floor and we are the only unit that has been sold. There has been NO elevator put in which means we have to climb 99 stairs several times per day. The exterior of the building has not been completed. Most floors are empty shells. During the recent severe rainstorms, the walls were blown off on several floors. The building looks like a total disaster!

These people need to pray to this guy.

To make matters worse, we recently discovered that there is no insurance on the building. Our unit itself is beautiful. We paid $331,000 CASH and owe nothing on it. The builder left after completing the construction to date and went to work on another project in Tecate. Are there any laws about elevators needed in buildings over 3 stories? We have been told that there is a law relating to that as well as a law that states once you start construction, the buildings, at a minimum, must be completed (less amenities). We are concerned that there is no insurance on the building.

We recently came and the electricity in the building has been shut off. It was 11:30 PM and the stairwell was damp, slippery and extremely dark. It is a very dangerous situation and we know if we were to fall, we would be in dire straights. Do you know of any laws that might be applicable to our situation? We do have out Trust and that seems to have been completed successfully. Also, when we purchased we were told by the builder and our real estate agent that the good thing about this project was that the builder had the money to complete the entire project and it was not reliant on sales. We understand that the market is not good now but we’re not young (52 and 55) and the stairs are really taking a toll on us. We would appreciate any advice you can give us.

Thank you.

[Fulano’s note: These poor pilgrims are totally screwed.]