Crueldad vs los Animales: Una Visión Transfronteriza

This is a news expose on the treatment of dogs on both sides of the border. The title translates to: “Cruelty vs. The Animals: A Cross Border View.” It’s too long to translate. Fulano has translated a synopsis in Spanish the accompanies the video.

Talking about animal care in many countries is almost like talking to a wall. Mexico is an example. Here on the border between Baja California and California there is a contrasting reality, as in many other areas. From the north, we have find there is love, and for many, excessive love for animals. There are organizations that invest huge amounts in their care, and laws that protect them. 

In Baja California there are no funds nor great care for the animals, and the existing law which, incidentally, is obsolete is not respected. This certainly brings risks to animals and to the public health in both countries. 

On a tour of border areas of both countries, we see that there are cruel practices, even criminal in nature, to animals, specifically dogs. Although we also see that significant efforts a re being made to end all this in a true struggle to keep the region free of epidemics, cruelty, and abandoned animals. 

This is something that is not so simple, because just in Tijuana, for example, it is said that even if each family took in one stray dog, that would not end the overpopulation of street dogs. Unofficial sources speak of a million stray dogs in the streets of Tijuana. 

Punto Fronterizo opens a window on some often misguided people engaged body and soul in caring for these animals. And this is because many do not have the resources or facilities required. They just have a tremendous love for animals and maybe a huge void that they seem to fill in their lives. 

But we also see how veterinarians, members of the Tijuana Humane Society and many other volunteers provide education, medicine, surgery and more in the shantytowns of Tijuana. Much of this is accomplished with donations provided by charitable souls from across the border.
Another dark side is the smuggling of puppies from the interior of Mexico to the United States, which has prompted a crackdown by Customs and Border Protection in San Diego.

Nor can we leave aside dogfighting, a practice which not only takes place north of the border, but in Baja California. Huge amounts are bet on these fights, where the fans are from all socio-economic and incredibly are assisted by children. 

San Diego County recently announced the strengthening of its offensive against those who commit any act of cruelty to animals. The County, in coordination with Crime Stoppers, will pay rewards for tips leading to the capture of those who threaten the welfare of animals. 

As for Baja California, for now, this would be unthinkable.

Camera and editing, Isaac Mafud and Carlos Pastrana
Production and direction, Carmen Escobosa