Man Dies In Front of Rosartio Mayor – Paramedics Refuse To Help

Yesterday, Wednesday at approximately 12:45 in the afternoon, the mayor of Playas de Rosarito, Javier Robles Aguirre, was at a function in Rosarito. Also attending was José María Acosta Vázquez, 72-years old, who was the president of Club de la Alegría “Rayito del Sol” (Sunbeam Club). Acosta Vázquez suffered a heart attack at the event and died.

Red Cross paramedics were also at the event. Mayor Aquirre asked the paramedics to attend to Acosta Vázquez, saying, “A man is dying. Please, I am the mayor and I am begging you to come help.” The paramedics refused to help.

Later Mayor Aguirre described what occurred as, “an act of disinterest on the part of the Red Cross personnel,” and identified the paramedic as Ignacio Echeagaray Ríos, who is the hospital coordinator. In response, Ríos said, “You are not going to tell me what to do.”

José María Acosta

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Update, June 3, 2010: A current news item reports that five people at the Rosarito Red Cross were terminated over the incident.


Baja Red Cross May Close Some Stations: Lack of Funds

The Baja state delegate for the Red Cross, Samuel Chavez Pelayo, announced the institution is going through a difficult time due to lack of resources, and that in the coming days it could be necessary to close its stations at La Rumorosa, San Felipe and San Quentin.

“We’re in a life or death situation, we can not spare the resources, or work with our hands, we need tools to save the lives of the people,” Chavez said. To rescue these three stations, he said it would take at least 2 million pesos, of which the municipality of San Felipe needs a million pesos to finish the year.

Link to article in Spanish.

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