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It’s no secret that one of Fulano’s pet peeves is the liars and thieves who try to rip-off innocent and naive Americans in Mexico. Mexico is just chock-full of real estate developers, speculators, realtors, tourist operators, homeowner associations, internet sites, message boards, hack journalists and various predatory gringos who have some kind of an agenda. What they all have in common is the desire to make money off of those that don’t know any better.

Here are two message board posts from two different message boards. The first post is from Shari Bondi, who runs a bed and breakfast in a God-forsaken windy sand spit called Bahia Asuncion on the Pacific side of Baja California. The second post is from Diana Trotter, a hapless pilgrim who believes all the Shari Bondi propaganda, and bought a second home in Bahia Asuncion.

Post #1

Bahia Asuncion is paradise!
by Shari 2nd February 2009, 02:23 PM
Location: Bahia Asuncion

thanks for the welcome…well, our area isn’t called “The Forgotten Coast” for nothing. Most Baja enthusiasts who have been almost everywhere on the peninsula…have not visited here…which is one reason the fishing is so amazing! 

The road USED to be the road from hell….if you DID manage to get here, your vehicle usually needed repair! But now the road is paved all the way from Vizcaino nearly to the village…there is 10 km left that they will finish paving this year. 

It is so bizarre driving through the empty desert for what seems like ages…only an hour and a half and then ending up in this wonderful place complete with all the services one may need including a hospital! I finally found my paradise and have lived happily ever after here.
So come and check it out…you wont be disappointed.

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Post #2

Any Extra X-Ray Machines Out There?
by DianaT 2-3-2011 at 10:09 PM
Location: Bahia Asuncion

One of the disadvantages of living in a more isolated place in Baja is the lack of many services—-in this case, an x-ray machine.

With getting older, I do realize that one needs to be a little more careful than in the younger years,.

So while I was unpacking and not being more careful, I tripped and my nose crashed into the tile floor—the floor won, nose fractured. Never knew so much blood could come out of a nose! Good news, my glasses did not break; bad news, they cut the side of my nose..

We only went to the local hospital because I thought they might be able to close the gash on the nose—-I was thinking I was only badly bruised, not broken. The doctor said an ex-ray was very important and soon. They suggest Santa Rosalia as there are more different doctors available there, but it is further away than Guerrero Negro.

So with the weather so nasty, off we went to Guerrero Negro. Especially coming back as the sun was setting, the drive was not fun—sun in eyes and lots of blowing sand on the road to hide the returning pot holes. Fortunately, there is only a couple of miles where they are quite deep, but they are digging out again.

Very nice people and great service in Guerrero Negro—-there is a fracture, but fortunately it is in place. Surrounding area is beginning to look like a rainbow.

It sure would be nice to have an x-ray machine here in town—-anyone have an extra one they can bring on down?

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[Fulano’s note:  The round-trip mileage from Bahia Asuncion to Guerrero Negro, just to get an x-ray because the “hospital” in Bahia Asuncion does not have one, is 230 miles and would take at least 5 hours of driving. And the road is bad. Does this sound like Bahia Asuncion is “complete with all the services one may need including a hospital!”? What, no x-ray machines in paradise? That’s no hospital, it’s a first aid station.]

Bahia Asuncion to Guerrero Negro