Tijuana’s Mayor Asked To Support Medical Tourism

Link to article in Spanish.

TIJUANA, Baja California – Noting that the actions that have been made to bring medical tourism to Tijuana have been insufficient, the president of the Physicians College of Tijuana, Jesus Cornejo Rincón, through a letter urged the support of the Mayor of Tijuana , Carlos Bustamante Anchondo to join efforts in this effort.

The same letter showed that problems with police who extort money from tourists, and other practices involving taxi drivers continue.

However the letter also mentioned that measures taken by the federal government, such as SIAVE and the restriction of dollar transactions, and security problems are also affecting the medical tourism business sector.

Therefore the municipal government, agencies responsible for promoting medical tourism, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies as well as health officials are called to meet in order to develop a plan together to attract tourists to the city.

On the issue of doctors’ passes [to pass through the border quicker], Cornejo Roncón said that the College proposes that they be handled by the municipal authority, but managed and delivered to patients by certified professionals and members of the Physicians College of Tijuana, Medical Federation of Baja California, and the Baja California Hospital Association.