Medical Malpratice in San Jose Del Cabo

Claudia Sanchez and Iganacio Neftali Madera were awaiting the birth of their first child on May 23. But due to a delay of seven hours in the general hospital of San Jose del Cabo, with no doctor attending to her, the baby was stillborn.

Here is the story:

When Claudia’s labor pains began, she was taken from Cabo San Lucas to the general hospital at San Jose del Cabo, where she arrived around 9PM. After several hours at the hospital, the doctors had still not given Claudia any medical attention. At about 1:30AM in the morning of May 24, the operating room was occupied by another patient receiving an apendectomy.

Los Cabos General Hospital

At 2AM a doctar named Jose Jesus Lopez Jordan, who was smoking inside the hospital in front of Claudia’s family, told the family that he had no information on her. One hour later, now 3AM in the morning, Claudia’s husband Ignancio authorized the doctors to perform a cesarian to not put the baby in further danger. However, the operating room was still occupied with the apendectomy patient and nothing was done, even though the baby’s head was showing.

Not until 4AM was Claudia brought into the operating room. Her family stated that the operating room was filthy. At that moment another doctor, named Antonio Aquirre Zapata, arrived and talked with the general practitioner, but the family could not overhear what was said.

Around 5AM in the morning, the general practitioner informed the family that Claudia’s baby was stillborn. Later tests would determine that the baby died from lack of oxygen and circulation.

Three more hours later, at 8AM, Claudia asked her husband, “where is the baby?”


Chula Vista Woman Dies After Lap-Band Surgery In Tijuana

SAN DIEGO — A Chula Vista woman is dead after traveling to Mexico for a surgical procedure her family said was advertised as part of a “special deal.” 

The family of Sharona Espudo told 10News they want to warn others about the price of what they call “cheap medicine.” 

Espudo died Thursday after paying less than $10,000 for Lap-Band surgery, a procedure that helps in weight loss. The procedure can cost more than $30,000 in the U.S. and often includes months of preparation and consultation. 

According to his website, Dr. Pedro Kuri claims to have performed more than 3,500 Lap-Band surgeries. Espudo’s family said Kuri was offering a 2-for-1 special. 

“She went down days before, hung out in the hotel with her friend who was also going through the procedure, walked into a hospital and four hours later she was dead,” stepfather James Gainer said. 

Mexican authorities won’t say if they’re investigating Espudo’s death. 

Kuri, who has been practicing medicine for 24 years, didn’t return 10News’ calls for comment.

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Link to Dr. Kuri’s website.


Blood Donors In Short Supply Amid Mexico Drug War

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Famous quote from BajaNomad Mexico enabler Longlegsinlapaz:

“There is very good medical here. You may have to search around a little to find a doctor you like, but the medical care here is better than in the US in many ways because they don’t have the latest in equipment & diagnostic tools, which means they have to use one of the oldest tools known to man….their BRAIN. Here, doctors actually spend time with you & talk with you to get information & symptoms to actually diagnose, rather than run you through on a conveyor belt, handing out slips to go here for this test & then go there for that test.”

10-1-2008 at 05:52 PM


Man Dies In Rosarito Hospital After Waiting 7 Hours For Treatment

Carlos Viera, 62 years old, when to the General Hospital of Playas de Rosarito at 7PM complaining of a severe diarrheal infection and asked for a prescription. He was told they needed a feces specimen before they would prescribe any medication.

Señor Viera waited in the waiting room to be re-examined by a doctor. No less than 18 witnesses present in the waiting room said Viera informed admissions that he felt very ill, but he was told to wait.

Viera got up to go to the rest room. After a long time, others in the waiting room noticed he had not returned. Another person waiting in the hospital went to check on Viera and found him dead on the restroom floor at 1:55AM.

Link to article is Spanish.

[Fulano’s editorial: There has been talk for years now of Mexico getting permission to render Medicare treatments to US citizens. Currently, Medicare insurance is limited to US doctors and hospitals, and does not reimburse patients for treatment outside the US. Mexico touts this as a wonderful idea and a way to lower Medicare costs, plus encourage retiring Americans to move to Mexico. In spite of what the promoters say, there is no comparison between the level of medical care in the US and Mexico. In Mexico, medical students go to medical school right out of high school and get their medical license after four years. In the US, the minimum education required to become a medical doctor is 12 years. Mexican nurses and technicians also receive far less education. There are literally hundreds of stories of poor medical treatment in Mexico, even from Mexicans. If you want a dose of reality, read about what happened last month to Jerry Shelby.]


Cancun Blast Victim’s Ambulance Ran Out of Gas

From CBC News.

Diane Ferguson, 51

The ambulance that transported Alberta explosion victim Darlene Ferguson to hospital in Mexico on Sunday ran out of gas along the way, family members told CBC News Friday.

Ferguson, 51, was one of seven people, including five Canadians, who were killed Sunday in the explosion at the Grand Riviera Princess resort in Playa del Carmen. Ferguson, a mother of three who was in Mexico for her son’s wedding, was taken to hospital in Cancun for treatment after the blast, where she died. When the ambulance ran out of gas, attendants asked Ferguson’s daughter Katie to pay for the gas, her brother Barry Hoffman said.

“It’s just terrible, actually,” he said. Hoffman said his sister was taken to three different medical facilities.  “All in all, it took three hours before she got actual treatment,” Hoffman said. “Three hours is just an unreasonable amount of time.”

Katie Ferguson, who is a registered nurse, noticed that the ambulance attendants had placed the respirator on her mother incorrectly. Mexican authorities announced Thursday that they have opened a homicide investigation into the explosion.

[Fulano’s comment: They should open a homicide investigation into the ambulance crew too.]