Mazatlan Restaurant Burned Down By Armed Men

The popular restaurant “El Habaleño” in the heart of the tourist zone of Mazatlan was burned down Sunday morning, June 12, by masked men who came as the employees showed up to open the restaurant. The men doused gasoline and set fire to the restaurant, while the employees ran away.

Two months ago gangsters left the mutilated body of a man in front of the restaurant along with the carcass of a pig.

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Fulano’s Factoids

De enero a la fecha, Mazatlán suma 326 asesinatos, el 90% de ellos cometidos a balazos, con el sello de la mafia, el resto, muertos a golpes y escasamente con arma blanca.

Pero los ha habido también decapitados y estrangulados con torniquete, como los más recientes hallados en la colonia Independencia la semana pasada. 

¿Qué significan 326 asesinatos en nuestra ciudad? 

Significa que se triplicó este delito -el más grave que existe- en este año, si tomamos en cuenta que en el 2007 no llegamos a 100, en el 2008 cerramos con 104 y con 116 el 2009.

Es decir, en sólo este año -que no termina aún- se tuvieron y rebasaron los 300 crímenes dolosos de los últimos 3 años.

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The population of Mazatlan is 438,434. With 326 murders reported through December 13, 2010, that produces a murder rate of 74 per 100,000 in 2010 — if there were no more murders in December. The city with the highest murder rate in the US is New Orleans, at 52 per 100,000. So, Mazatlan has a murder rate 42% greater than the worst city in the US.

And Mazatlan is not even close to being the worst city in Mexico for murders.


From Another Mexico Message Board

Twenty-five year resident of Mazatlan

12 Apr 11 at 11:52 pm
I have lived in Mazatlan for twenty-five years. What is happening here is unprecedented. Only the bad guys have guns. As a result, the Banditos act with impunity. Police protection is nonexistent. I see caravans of masked police driving around the streets of Mazatlán (three or four pickup trucks full of masked machinegun toting cops following each other). They will spend a half hour or so at a local gas station laughing and joking around with each other then mount up and drive across the street and hang out at the local OXXO then drive around town, a couple miles or so and do the same thing all over again. They are totally ineffective and a waste of taxpayer’s money.

Meanwhile people are being gunned down every week with impunity. There are dozens and dozens of murders happening here in Mazatlán. Virtually every weekend someone is murdered. There are so many that I lose count.

The common misnomer is to say it is all drug related crimes. This is just NOT true. I have firsthand knowledge of murders that occurred because business owners would not kowtow to the extortionists.

Right now as I write, a major local restaurant-chain is being extorted under the threat of murder. Several restaurants have closed down under the threat of extortion. Some of the owners have fled to other cities only to be hunted down and murdered.

Any business that is making money is a target… and if you, a tourist or a local citizen happen to be in the profitable business when the extortionist come you are just as likely to be murdered as the owner who refused to be bullied. Alternatively, if you happen to be driving a vehicle that an extortionist wants to use in his next crime you are likely as not to be murdered in his attempt to take your vehicle.

Those who would have handguns banned to the populace of the United States need to look at what is happening here in Mazatlán to see what the results of that folly would be.

If the local populace were permitted to own handguns, and the laws amended to permit self-protection the preponderance of the crime would SOON disappear. These bad guys are not suicidal. They would not be able to carry out their murders with effrontery as they are now doing. Every time they tried to commit a crime they would be taking a chance of being killed.

The cops here are not effective but it does not matter how many cops we have they will never deter this crime wave. These bad guys are too brazen and the cops are afraid of them… and rightly so. The bad guys go after the cops and their families. That is why the cops wear masks.

Furthermore, an armed populace would not be subjected to the political corruption that is so daunting. Business owners would be able to protect themselves if they had a mind to. When you look at the type of people that have the gumption to start and run successful businesses the likelihood of these people protecting themselves, given the chance, is enormous.

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Mazatlan March For Tourists

The banner reads: “Secretary of Tourism: The six unions of street vendors in the federal zone, businessmen of the Zona Dorada, and tourism service providers beg you — work for the return of the tourist ships to Mazatlan.”

Around 600 workers involved in the sale of artisan objects on the beaches and tourist points marched yesterday to beg the Secretary of Tourism to work for the return of the tourist cruise ships to the port of Mazatlan.

Jorge Rivas Rubio, representative of the movement, reported that due to the cancellations of the arrivals of the tourist ships, sales have fallen up to 90 percent affecting more that 800 families who work in the tourist trade.

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[Fulano’s comment: Most of the cruise ships pulled out of Mazatlan due to the increasing crime and violence in the heart of the tourist zone. Why wouldn’t they direct their protest to the source of the problem?]


News of Mazatlan

In case you have not been following events in the “Pearl of the Pacific,” here is what is going on in that tourist town.

Due to unrelenting violence, most of the cruise ships have stopped docking there. The Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Star Lines and Disney Cruise Lines have dropped Mazatlan as a port of call.

Adios, Mazatlan

Last month a Canadian tourist took an AK47 bullet in the leg as assassins strafed a target in the tourist district. Two weeks ago, numerous tourists at the Los Flores Beach Resort in the Golden Zone of Mazatlan witnessed two men being killed at the hotel entrance.

One week ago, the bodies of seven men were found hanging from various bridges in Mazatlan. This morning, five men and one woman were murdered right in the heart of the tourist zone at the disco “Antares”, where another 15 to 20 people were wounded.

Acapulco too, has been all but abandoned by cruise ships and foreign tourists. Fulano expects the next big failure will be Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is a major drug transshipment point for drugs on the way to the US.


Cruise Ships Cancel Arrivals At Mazatlan…Again

Two weeks after arrivals of cruise ships at Mazatlan were reactivated, this Wednesday the cancellation of the arrival of Carnival Splendor, due Thursday with 3,000 passengers was announced. Representatives of the Mexican Association of Cruise Ship Attendants confirmed that the measure was taken because of the lack of security that has arisen in the port after two people were executed in the entrance to a hotel on Tuesday. The attack was witnessed by many foreign tourists.

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…and in other news in Mazatlan

Gunmen on Tuesday left a headless body of a person who was kidnapped two days earlier. The body was wrapped up in plastic bags with the body in one bag, and the head in another. It was tossed in front of a steak house named “El Habaleño” in the tourist zone of Mazatlan. The killers also tossed the body of a dead pig next to the bags containing the body.

In order to make their getaway, the gunmen carjacked a Lincoln from a woman, leaving a stolen car they arrived in.

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…and in other news in Mazatlan

Last Sunday five men dressed as federal police set up a false roadblock on the Mazatlan-Tepic highway. They stole two cars from travelers. The fake roadblock was less than 1 kilometer from a permanent Army checkpoint on the highway.

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…and in other news in Mazatlan

Wednesday morning, a group of three gunmen jumped out of a car in front of a popular seafood restaurant in Mazatlan, “Mariscos El Memín IV”. They sprayed the outside and inside of the restaurant with over 50 bullets and left. The owners closed all four of their restaurants in Mazatlan, that would be “Mariscos El Memín I, II, III and IV”.

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24-hours Worth of News On Mazatlan

Fulano scanned the Mexican newspapers for what has happened in Mazatlan over the past 24 hours.

  1. The state Secretary of Tourism, Oralia Rice Rodriquez, reported that on January 31 they would reveal their Plan for Tourist Security to the high executives of the Association of Florida and Carribean Cruises, with the goal that the tourist cruise ships which have withdrawn from Mazatlan return. [Isn’t that great? They have a PLAN. Fulano is wondering where their security plan is for Mexicans?]
  2. A 75-year old woman was murdered with a firearm when two subjects assaulted her as she was getting into a car in a Mazatlan neighborhood.
  3. Venemous sea snakes appeared on the beaches of Mazatlan yesterday afternoon. The incident occured in front of the Fiesta Inn hotel, and beachgoers were alerted to not go into the water. Marine biologists said the snakes were highly venemous.
  4. Motorcyclist dies after being shot in attempt to steal his motorcycle.

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