Mexico’s Attorney General to Investigate Las Arenas Airport

Joseph Müller and now Jaime Bravo are implicated in the shady dealings of the controversial development in Punta Arenas

Despite what outgoing Governor Narciso Agundez of Baja California Sur told the media about the legality of the Airport at Las Arenas, last week officials from the Attorney General’s Office announced that they will investigate the legal status of the airfield located in La Ventana.

The investigations comes after it was reported at the national level of the possible illegality of the airport concession as it appears persons linked to Joseph Angelo Bravo were granted an operating permit by the government. Bravo was jailed in the US for trafficking in cocaine and none of the parties involved have denied what, if true, would involve serious breaches of the Laws of Airports and National Security.

The law prohibits a person with a criminal record from operating an air terminal. But area residents have told the national media that in the resort communities of Bahía de los Sueños, in La Paz, there are activities developing related to the movement of drugs, for which the PGR will investigate whether the airport located in the area is involved in illegal operations.

During the traditional ribbon cutting ceremony, the governor and beautiful hostesses were accompanied by, among others, Joseph Angelo Bravo who has served a sentence in a maximum security prison in Nevada for drug-related crimes.

Link to article in Spanish.

Governor Narciso Agundez cuts the ribbon at Las Arenas Airport

A Trip To The La Paz Museum of History and Anthropology

OK, here is the story going on in this video. In the video you see three special needs teachers in La Paz. They arranged in advance to take their three classes of special needs children — children with handicaps — to the La Paz Museum of History and Anthropology. The parents of the children accompanied the children to help. The teachers told the museum administrators the children were handicapped, and the museum people told them it was no problem.

The museum is in a three story building with no handicap ramps nor elevators. In addition, the stairs to the second and third floors are steep. The most popular exhibit is on the third floor. When the classes first arrived, they were met by museum staff and well attended to. Parents carried the kids up to the second and third floors. As they were leaving the museum, the museum security guards asked the tall teacher on the right in the red blouse whose idea was it to bring these handicapped children to the museum. The teacher said it was her idea. The security guard then told the teacher that wheelchairs were not allowed and that in any event the children should not be allowed off of the first floor, because they were handicapped. The security guards made a point of saying this in front of the children.