Carla Franklin Suing Google to Expose Cyberbully

Model Carla Franklin

A brainy beauty wants to expose the creep who slimed her as a “whore” on YouTube.

Carla Franklin, a former model with degrees from Duke and Columbia, is going after Google in an attempt to unmask the cyberbully who talked trash about her under three aliases on the company’s wildly popular video-sharing site.

“People hide behind these shields and think they can just post anything,” said David Fish, a lawyer for Franklin. “Hopefully, we can put a stop to this.”

Franklin, a 2008 graduate of Columbia Business School who works as a consultant, was alerted to the slurs after her friends checked her out in a series of YouTube videos.

According to the suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, last year “JoeBloom08,” JimmyJean008″ and “greyspector09” posted “malicious and untrue” statements about Franklin on YouTube, along with unauthorized clips from a movie in which she appeared.

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Hmmmmm. Now isn’t that interesting. The person who libeled Ms. Franklin doesn’t like minorities, especially women minorities,  and posts racial slurs about them on the Internet. He even used the same words as Jay Garcia, aka Paul F. Sullivan, used to say about Michelle Malkin. Come to think of it, Joe’s been pretty scarce around these parts these days. Maybe he’s having computer problems?