Tijuana Deports Immigrants to Rosarito

This story will warm your heart.

A group of 10 people, who were just deported to Tijuana from the US, showed up this morning at the PRI party headquarters in Rosarito asking for help. They said that in the early hours of the morning, they along with 10 other people suffering from mental illness that the Tijuana police had rounded up, were taken to Rosarito and abandoned in Abelardo L. Rodríguez park, in downtown Rosarito.

Link to the article in Spanish.


Archdiocese of Mexico: “We have become a corrupt, murdering people”

In an editorial published in the weekly, Desde la Fe [From Faith], the Archdiocese of Mexico urged Catholics to demand accountability from authorities responsible for immigration, because “we can not get accustomed to the tragedy” and “we have become a corrupt, murdering people.”

The editorial went on to say, “we are a country that cries out to demand that Mexicans be respected in the U.S., but do little to nothing to show respect and care for those who pass through in the same or worse conditions that exist throughout our country.”

Link to the article in Spanish.

Immigrants killed by Zetas in Tamaulipas

10 Immigrants from India Arrested in Mexico

Chihuahua, Mexico – Ten persons from Indian were arrested in the Mexican state of Chihuahua while traveling to the US border to attempt to illegally enter the United States, said Mexican Federal Preventive Police.

“Ten undocumented persons of Indian origin were arrested by the police while traveling in a passenger bus,” said the PFP in a statement.

The Indian citizens were found on Sunday afternoon at a military checkpoint in the town of Buenaventura, in northern Chihuahua, while traveling to the town of Agua Prieta, in the neighboring state of Sonora, which borders Arizona.

About 500,000 foreigners enter Mexico each year to try to illegally cross the northern border and go to work in the United States, according to the National Human Rights Commission.

Link to article in Spanish.

Hmmm. Maybe those Hindu’s can settle in San Felipe? A whole lot of people have been telling me it is even better than the United States.


The Invasion Will Be Televised

There is a gentleman in Arizona who has taken it upon himself to document the flow of illegal immigrants into the US across our southern border with Mexico. He takes a great effort to remain anonymous, while at the same time expending an even greater effort to film the flow of illegal aliens. He travels large distances in dangerous areas in the Arizona desert and hides small video camera equipment alongside known immigrant smuggling trails. There he leaves the equipment to record for weeks at a time. He then publishes his videos on his website, which is here.

Here is one of his videos, which alone has recorded over 700 illegal aliens over a 40-day period.

Little is known of this person. He did give an interview in which he disclosed that he is a Vietnam veteran who became aware of the illegal immigrant situation while observing Border Patrol foot chases across his property in Arizona. He then decided to document the failure of the United States government to secure the border. This is what he said:

When I began to have Border Patrol foot chases across my property I became more interested in the issue of illegal immigration. As I became more knowledgeable I realized that very few people around the country were aware of the massive numbers. I decided the best way to inform people was to show them. Having a lifetime of outdoor experience and skills, I began looking for alien trails to place cameras on.