Two Americans Jailed in Tijuana For Human Trafficking

Two Americans were arrested by authorities of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) for trafficking in persons smuggled into the US through the border at Tijuana. The attorney general named them as Gary Rodriguez del Valle and Mike James Allison.

They were arrested thanks to a citizen complaint, and members of the Federal Investigation Agency (AFI) carried out an operation near a restaurant in the Central Zone of TJ, where the Americans where were caught with two people who they were going to smuggle into the US illegally.

According to the preliminary investigation it was established that the suspects recruited people with a classified ad in the newspaper, offering them work in the United States. They said the would get the people to San Diego and provide them with false work documents and work at a cleaning company.

The PGR has four complaints from people duped in the same way.

From and exchange of information between U.S. and Mexican authorities, they were able to determine that in Rodríguez del Valle has a prior history of crimes in the US for vandalism, assault, robbery with a deadly weapon, possession of narcotics, possession of firearms, violation of probation and human trafficking.

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