Gringo Steals Police Truck And Sets Off A Chase

[Translated by Fulano from the original news article.]

TIJUANA – June 3, 2011. An American stole a municipal police patrol truck and tried to kill a policeman in the parking lot of the municipal jailhouse.

The foreigner demonstrated police incompetence around 11:30PM when he attacked officer José Antonio Osuna Orozco as he was removing various arrestees out of the back of the police pick-up truck to be sent to pre-trial detention.

Robert James Archer, 36-years of age, hit the policeman from behind and tried to strangle him, including first trying to take his pistol. After a struggle, the officer fell to the ground, meanwhile the foreigner took advantage of the situation to get into the patrol unit and flee. He then tried to run over the officer, who fired at the tires to defend himself.

The security guard in charge of the parking lot entrance closed the gate, but Archer broke through with the patrol pick-up. Still in the back of the pick-up was another detainee, identified as José Luis Morales González, who manged to jump out, although he injured his left hand.

After the American fled, other officers joined the pursuit and arrested him on the Vía Rápida Poniente, about 500 meters from the Manuel J. Clouthier bridge. The offender, and now criminal, had a wound on his left arm and the patrol pick-up had body damage and a broken windshield.

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Robert James Archer

[Fulano’s note: Other news stories report that Archer was wounded in the left arm when police shot at him and that he is a former Marine who was arrested for being under the influence of drugs.]