Damn Global Warming

February 26, 2010 – It’s snowing at Fulano’s
Fulano’s orange tree
February 26, 2010 – It’s snowing at Fulano’s

32.9 degrees at 10PM. Where’s that greenhouse gas when you really need it?

Effects of Global Warming

Scientists claim that global warming is real. As proof they cite evidence of observed climate changes, which include temperature records, rising sea levels, and decreased snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere. Well, Fulano did a simple test…just to test the scientists. Here is a comparison of aerial photographs of a piece of the Southern California coastline, roughly between Pacific Palisades and Venice Beach. The photographs compare the shoreline in 1952 with the shoreline in 2005, a span of 53 years.

Coastline in 1952. Source: www.historicaerials.com
Same coastline in 2005.Source: www.historicaerials.com 
2005 overlaid on 1952. The new shoreline is significantly further out
 to sea. So much for global warming and rising sea levels.

And no, the difference is not the tides. Fulano checked five photographs over the 53-year period and they all show a steady march of the shoreline westward. And no, the difference is not due to beach dredging to replenish beach sand. Fulano checked that too. That last major beach sand replenishment in the area was during the period 1948 – 1950.


Global Warming Causes Minneapolis Metrodome to Collapse

A blizzard in the upper midwestern United States, almost two weeks before the start of Winter,  has generated enough snow to cause the inflatable roof of the Minneapolis Metrodome to collapse.

Snow falls onto the Metrodome field through a hole in the torn roof Sunday. (AP)

Cancun Climate Protesters Throw Shit, Destroy Property

Global-warming protesters in Cancun for the United Nations COP16 climate summit poured human feces in the streets, threw eggs at police, attacked American fast-food establishments, and generally went on a rampage demanding “action” and “climate justice,” among other things.

Mexican riot police were out in force, some of them driving military trucks with machine guns attached.

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