The Wanted and the Unwanted – Redux

Maria Anita Kaczmarczyk

U.S. citizen Maria Anita Kaczmarczyk, 45-years old, and a fugitive from justice since 2007, was arrested in Tijuana October 29, 2010. Kaczmarczyk, and her husband Mark Lee Kaczmarczyk, 58-years old, had charges of sexual abuse against four children aged between a few months to 2 years of age, whom the couple looked after in a nursery on their property in Carlsbad, California.

Maria Anita Kaczmarczyk jumped bail of $150,000. Her husband fled to Taipei, Taiwan, and was later extradited to the US. According to the FBI, he had attempted to open a kindergarten in Taipei, however, he was discovered with a background check.

The woman was found yesterday morning in the La Mesa district of Tijuana.

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