Los Cabos International Film Festival? Say, What?

From the Complaints Board.:

I contacted the Los Cabos International Film Festival 4 months ago. I was inundated with requests for funds for sponsorship and other funds for the foundation. I was a bit taken back with the ferocity and anxiousness of the requests. As I researched the company on Google and came across the Rip off Reports I was relieved that the reference was there and the apparent, and not contrary to my initial gut feelings about this company.

I asked the company many questions, including what happened to the release of the movie listed on their twitter. I received mumbled answers. I asked what happened to their series of smaller versions to open on November 5th, 2010. I received what I believe, is to be lies. I asked about the directors of the film festival’s financial status, I received what I believe again, to be lies.

I did not ask the film festival about the rip off reports on Google. They never mentioned to me about any lawsuits or any other problems with the company. They just appeared anxious for cash.

I asked the company about several negative posts I had read about them. These reports were written by unhappy customers on online magazines regarding their lack of performance and basically lying to people. I made mention that I had read the reports, but the reports had been removed by the festival. They had no answer.

I searched their website and contacted Capital Strategies, the company who is apparently handling sponsorships. I was told by the director of that company that they had not been handling sponsorships for the film festival for 6 months and they were unaware that the film festival had them listed on their website as providing the service. They are still listed on the film festival’s website as of today, 8 month later.

I called the phone number that was on the rip off reports of what was called the criminal working for the film festival @ 619-819-5127. She is still listed as the employee 1 year later

I called the film festival’s phone number they have newly listed in the yellow pages and the phone number is listed as invalid. I drove by the office in West Hollywood that they have listed only to find that that is not their office space. I suppose you can take a picture of anything and post it anywhere.

I would exercise extreme caution in dealing with this company, or really not dealing with them at all. In the end I found that any company who was not willing to offer a written apology to the damage done in the Rip off reports I read on Google, would do the same to me.

Fulano’s note: The telephone number  619-819-5127 appears to belong to a Muriel Anne Metcalfe. Searching under her name produces several pages of fraud complaints. This is a good read on Muriel Anne Metcalfe.


Ensenada: 247 Bulletproof Vests Missing

Staff of the Sindicatura Municipal [public trustee] are searching for 400 police jackets, 150 pistol holsters and 247 bulletproof vests paid for by the city, but which has not been located. There is also no report or evidence they these items were ever delivered.

The cost of the missing items is $79,600 and they were purchased with federal resources earmarked for public security in September 2010.

Investigation by the Sindicatura detected several irregularities in the process of acquisition of such items, but the most serious situation is that the invoices are marked as paid, but the merchandise in question has not been located.

Where are the jackets and vests, is the question that the staff of the Sindicatura are addressing, so far unsuccessfully.

Link to article in Spanish.