Feces and Salmonella Found In Food Served to Mexico’s Legislature

[Fulano’s note: The Chamber of Deputies (in Spanish: Cámara de Diputados) is the lower house of the Congress of the Union, Mexico’s bicameral legislature.]

Federal deputies eat foods full of bacteria, fungi and infected with salmonella; food is served in glasses and dishes with traces of fecal matter.

This is the conclusion of a report on living or inert microbiological analysis of food and food preparation surfaces by Laboratories Villarreal (attached to the federal health department) on the Cristales restaurant, the main restaurant where food is consumed by the federal deputies.

The food concession, Cook-chil, S.A., had serious health deficiencies in the preparation of foods, such as in the case of green mole, red beans, sauces and chicken which are among the most contaminated, “with the presence of pathogenic bacteria that are toxic when consumed in large quantities.”

“The cooks, waiters, chef and staff scored outside normal health standards, and the report recommended they be forced to clean and disinfect their hands, and in some cases to designate them as unfit for food handling.”

Labor Party deputy, Mario DiCostanzo, said the lack of hygiene in the restaurant puts at risk the health of the deputies. Therefore, it has been formally requested that the board of the lower house cancel the food concession of the company that has operated under it for more than a year, as a result of the discontent among the members.

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