Chronicle of medical negligence: The errors which killed little Edward

Translated and summarized by Fulano from an article in

On Sunday, November 26, 2017, Hussein Luna López and Daniela Trujillo Ramos, took their son, Edward, to an amusement park in the municipality of San Francisco Telixtlahuaca. Edward fell and fractured his his left arm. His parents took him to Dr. Aurelio Validieso Civil Hospital of Oaxaca. However he was not treated there as there was a hospital worker strike.

So they them took Edward the Del Valle hospital.

The child was taken to the operating room at 10PM, and was operated upon my Dr. Luis Alberto “N,” and anesthesiologist Gabriela “N.” They advised the parents the operation should take no more than two hours. Today, both of the doctors are free on bail.

Edward did not recover from the anestesia, and was pronounced dead at 6:30AM, November 27, 2017.

An autopsy determined the cause of death as cardiopulmonary arrest due to an overdose of Lidocaine.

To hide the medical negligence, according to video recordings, the doctors altered the medical report and removed the anesthesia dosage. “In the medical notes, there is not reference to the application of lidocaine.”

On April 2, 2018, Dr. Luis “N,” was arrested, but the medical society in Oaxaca and then the entire country started protests to set him free.


17 murders in five days in Cancún

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CANCÚN, April 9, 2018 – This last weekend ended with the discovery of human remains in a greenbelt area near a heavily traveled street in Cancún, as well as one dead person and woman wounded in a bar in Playa del Carmen.

If five days, police have reported 17 murders in Cancún.

Yesterday, the discovery of a human head was reported in front of a taco stand, meanwhile the remainder of the body was found meters away in a park, inside an ice chest, in Region 501.

In another incident, a man was murdered and a woman wounded in an attack the the “Las Ruinas” bar, located on 30 Avenida, between avenida Juárez and Primiera Sur, in Playa del Carmen.

Interviewed about that incident, businessman Hernán Cordero Galindo, a member of the Citizen Angel group, said that “Cancún has become a paradise for impunity and criminals because they known there is no authorities to confront them.”

He thinks that the criminals know that “nothing is done about crime here, and in many of the cases the police are complicit, including informing the criminals.”


Three Rosarito taxi drivers overdose

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ROSARITO, Baja California – Three Rosarito taxi drivers are in grave condition. They apparently consumed some kind of drug, causing an overdose early this morning.

According to the information, around 3AM Saturday, municipal police patrolling downtown Rosarito saw three fixed route taxi drivers laying on the street. They were with the yellow and white stripe taxis.

The taxi’s were stopped blocking the road and the drivers were laying unconscious on the ground.

Carlos Mendoza, Red Cross ambulance commander in Rosarito, said that one of the taxi drivers is in grave condition at the Red Cross facilities as they do not have the medication to stabilize this kind of overdose due to the high cost of the drugs.

Mendoza Bustos warned about the drug distribution which could be causing this, saying a few days ago someone died from an overdose.

He said that all during March they have been treating similar cases. He thinks somebody is selling heroin in place of cocaine.


San Felipe economy sinks

Translated by Fulano from an article in

MEXICALI, Baja California – “There are times when I don’t even have the money to buy water,” said Aarón, a single father with two children, who was left out of the compensation program for the fishing ban in San Felipe.

This reality is even more complicated due to the lack of employment caused by the fall in store sales of up to 40%, such as in grocery stores over a three year period.

But there are places with an even greater crisis inside the fishing production chain, such as ice vendors who have lost 70% of their sales due to the fishing ban.

Grocery store sales fell 40% in three years, since the fishing ban was implemented, said Omar Inzunza.

As a grocery store owner, he said little by little people were buying less.

That is because the monthly compensation of 8,000 pesos (US$450) given to the fishermen is not enough to live on, as they were accustomed to earning more when they went out fishing, up to 20,000 (US$1,100)pesos per month, he said.

Generally, residents of San Felipe want the fishermen to return to the sea, he said, because it is the profession of most of the people.

He added that the lack of money has caused an increase in robberies.

His wife, along with the residents of Mar Caspio organized a neighborhood watch.

As an example, the watch hours are distributed, and his wife watches until 2AM to see than no theives enter.

He said one night he had to chase away a thief trying to steal his car battery.

The federal government payments for the fishing ban have not been paid for the past four months.


Rosarito police rob citizen

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecos de Rosarito.

With arrogance, Rosarito municipal police in patrol vehicle 15-83, stole 800 pesos (US$45) from a retired official from Mexico City, who was riding his bicycle on the Scenic Highway, headed to the IMSS clinic on Thursday, March 8.

100 meters from the Kontiki bridge, officers in patrol vehicle 15-83 stopped Antonio Martínez, who had gotten off his bicycle to tie his shoelaces. The police started to search him, with the excuse that he was going to buy drugs in a nearby hut.

“I got off my bicycle to tie my shoelaces and suddenly the police stopped me because, according to them, I was going to buy drugs at a drug den that was beside the bridge, but I do not use drugs! I was headed to the IMSS Clinic. While they searched me, one of them took the only 800 pesos I had on me. I told the police officer to return the money and he told me to get the fuck out or next time he would arrest me.”

Antonio Martínez has filed his complaint with the Sindicatura ( municipal attorney), and he wants the police officers he has identified to return his 800 pesos, however, it has been two weeks and Sindicatura has not provided any response, on the contrary, the receptionists mock him, telling him to go back to his city, he said.

The victim lamented that in Rosarito there is no internal control office to address municipal police abuses, and the control and confidence examination the police take are not working.


Rosarito horse renters say they were being extorted

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecos de Rosarito.

Horse renters at the beach confirmed that they were being extorted and it was a real activity up to a few months ago when the collector disappeared from the public scene.

Meanwhile, as the authorities denied everything, the beach horsemen said one of their members, well known for his dubious reputation, came to collect money to allow them to work at the beach, between 100 and 200 peso per day.

“I was even hit when I refused to pay. One day I said to him, “Why whould I pay you? And punched me in the face.”

“He was a person who also had horses, and he was collecting money from us to let us work here at the beach. I think he is no longer around. We have not seen him since he left and we are not longer paying,” said a person who rents horses.

Apparently, the charges were only for the horse renters, as other vendors at the beach said they have not been victims.

“Nobody has demanded money from me to let me work, nor has anybody from the government, but I have heard that others are being charged. The truth is I don’t know why some are charged and others not, but hopefully this will all end,” said a craftwork vendor.


Irregularities continue in Puerto Nuevo and tourist areas

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecod de Rosarito.

Despite the low temperatures and light showers last weekend, the restaurant area of Puerto Nuevo looked great with diners, even some lined up to taste the legendary and international Puerto Nuevo style lobster. For that reason it is said it is necessary to reinforce the good image of this iconic place and strictly apply the laws.

After the authorities said that they would carry out surveillance tours and that they would regulate the area to prevent hawkers and the indiscriminate sale of alcohol, the irregularities continue.

During a tour conducted by Ecos de Rosarito, on the afternoon of Saturday, March 10, it could be seen that the parking spaces have not yet been freed-up by hawkers, since they were “reserved” with plastic boxes or any other object they have.

Rubble and debris were also observed on a sidewalk, which prevented pedestrians from walking by. This is compounded by the lack of space on the sidewalks due to vendors’ products and the constant flow of vehicles.

The very same employees from different locations monopolize the parking lots putting their source of employment at risk, said Rosario Castillo, the president of the Restaurants and Bars Association, who urgently suggested the regularization of parking before the Easter holiday season.

Added to this there continues the sale of jars with obscene figures, where alcoholic beverages are sold, which discredits the international image that Puerto Nuevo has as a place for families. And if that were not enough, some “hawkers” with the objective capturing customers post pictures of aphrodisiac dishes and drinks.

There is no point in closing and notfying businesses that offer irregular sale of alcohol unless they are also properly fined, complained restaurant leader, Rosario Castillo.

He also made a call to stop the parking of vehicles on the walkways on calle Nogal street, in the downtown area, the street that was part of a project designed for public recreation by the installation of sidewalks and palm trees, however, every weekend It looks like a private parking lot.

Rosario Castillo also said that the authorities have done little to regulate the increase of beggars that present a bad image in the tourist area. Some even risk their lives in the middle of the road such as on Popotla Blvd artisan area where they beg for money, and child exploitation continues. It is common for children under ten to wander through streets and businesses selling various products and candies.


Tourist family shot in Popotla in Rosarito

Translated by Fulano from a post in CNR Noticias.

A family of tourists visiting Popotla were shot after some “hawkers” at the site tried to forcibly charge them for parking and they would not pay. They followed the visitors and shot at their vehicle, a woman was wounded.

According to the information, the events happened around 4PM, when a family came out of Popotla after buying seafood, and a “hawker” charged them for parking. The driver, who was from Peru had strong words with he guy trying to collect.

The tourist got into his vehicle, an Expedition, to leave Popotla, but he was suddenly followed by a white Honda, which tried several times to cut it off.

After a little while, shots were fired, and one of the bullets hit a woman around 50 years old, who was in the Expedition and was visiting from La Paz.

The startled visitors fled to find help, and arrived at the hospital in the Rosarito Tourist Zone, where she received first aid. There were minors travelling with them.