Seven out of eight cosmetic surgeons in Baja California are not certified

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TIJUANA, Baja California, April 28, 2018 – “They gambled with my life, twice they gambled with my life,” said Alice Luca, a victim of two plastic surgeries which were poorly performed.

After an illness which left a scar on her abdomen, she decided to have plastic surgery, bichectomy and liposuction.

“And before that, in the same hospital, they had operated on my uterus and everything was well, there was good attention and I had a specialist,” she said.

Additionally, the owner of the hospital had a relationship with one of her friends, and offered to operate for $1,500 dollars less that another place.

The irregularities started when she was told a certain surgeon would operate and when she came for an evaluation, there was another surgeon.

“They gave me the name, but it was unfamiliar, they told me it is because the other just finished, but this doctor is a certified specialist, they guaranteed it, and had operated on other girls and everything came out well,” she said.

When she asked the surgeon for his documentation, he explained he had forgotten it, but would shot it on the day of the surgery.

“The day of the surgery, with all the nervousness, I forgot, but they both guaranteed to me he knew what he was doing,” she added.

The surgery lasted nine hours and although she ws released, she had to return to the hospital because she had headaches, was vomiting, and could not sit up because she fainted, she swooned and was bleeding internally.

“They ordered a blood test and I had only 6.2 pints of blood in my body when it should have 12. They ordered pints of blood, and I did not know when they administered it, they put it in very rapidly and my body went into shock,” she recalled.

When I was stabilized, they bandaged me, but the surgery was not done well, the implants were hanging and she felt a ball in her stomach.

“We are going to need a retouch, don’t worry,it will usually happens, I an not going to charge you, but we have to wait 6 months,” said the doctor.

When the time came for the new operation, she was told she had to pay the hosptial bill, which was $1,500 dollars.

“They did another liposuction, but it did not turn out well, the ball I felt in my stomach, and I did not like my chest, it wat ugly, there was no waistline, it looked strange,” she shared.

In light of the heartbreaking scenario, one year later she went to the Green & Health Hospital, and needed a third surgery.

“They did everything again, all, bust, liposuction, cuts, all,” she said.

When she started her lawsuit, she learned that the person who had operated on her was not a plastic surgeon, but a bariatric surgeon.

“Not even the hospital was authorized for this type of surgery, and later when I went to mediation and arbitration, I learned they needed a special permit to perform plastic surgery,” she said.

As a result of the arbitration, she was reimbursed $2,000 dollars.


Rosarito is seeking to remove 200 drug addicts from the streets

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ROSARITO, Baja California – Drug addicts who commit crimes to continue using drugs, and who have taken over the streets as their homes, have starting arriving at rehabilitation centers, where they remain for six months in rehabilitation, reported councilwoman Ana Luisa Esquivel.

She said that recently the municipal council approved 1.2 million pesos (US$64,000) to be used to remove 200 drug addicts from the streets, who will have the opportunity to receive treatment to rejoin society.


Playa del Carmen taxi drivers arrest two of their own who robbed a French tourist

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PLAYA DEL CARMEN – Operators for the Lazaro Cardenas del Rio Taxi Guild managed to locate and then detain two taxi drivers, Salomón Gayosso and Arturo Alejandro García Heredia, who early last Sunday morning robbed a French tourist, taking him to an unpopulated area where they took his belongings, a GoPro camera, a cell phone, clothing and other valuable objects.


Mexicans seeking humanitarian asylum in the United States

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TIJUANA, Baja California, April 25, 2018 – Hundreds of Mexicans are at the El Chaparral border crossing with the intention of seeking humanitarian asylum in the United States.

Some of the Mexicans said they had arrived in Tijuana last Thursday, fleeing the violence and crime caused by cartel hit men.

Most of the people are families.


Panic after gunfight on the beach in front of Hotel Riu in Cancún

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Sol De Mexico.

A violent event never before seen happened yesterday morning when armed subjects on jet skis shot at people enjoying the sun on the beach behind the Hotel Riu, which caused panic and desperation among the tourists.

According to the police, two people shot at the hotel beach located at kilometer 9.5 in the hotel zone. Nobody was injured.

The suspects arrived on jet skis and shot at beach vendors, without wounding anybody, and then fled.

Dozens of people, including children ran from the beach in panic, in this never before seen act of violence in this tourist destination.


Chronicle of medical negligence: The errors which killed little Edward

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On Sunday, November 26, 2017, Hussein Luna López and Daniela Trujillo Ramos, took their son, Edward, to an amusement park in the municipality of San Francisco Telixtlahuaca. Edward fell and fractured his his left arm. His parents took him to Dr. Aurelio Validieso Civil Hospital of Oaxaca. However he was not treated there as there was a hospital worker strike.

So they them took Edward the Del Valle hospital.

The child was taken to the operating room at 10PM, and was operated upon my Dr. Luis Alberto “N,” and anesthesiologist Gabriela “N.” They advised the parents the operation should take no more than two hours. Today, both of the doctors are free on bail.

Edward did not recover from the anestesia, and was pronounced dead at 6:30AM, November 27, 2017.

An autopsy determined the cause of death as cardiopulmonary arrest due to an overdose of Lidocaine.

To hide the medical negligence, according to video recordings, the doctors altered the medical report and removed the anesthesia dosage. “In the medical notes, there is not reference to the application of lidocaine.”

On April 2, 2018, Dr. Luis “N,” was arrested, but the medical society in Oaxaca and then the entire country started protests to set him free.


17 murders in five days in Cancún

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CANCÚN, April 9, 2018 – This last weekend ended with the discovery of human remains in a greenbelt area near a heavily traveled street in Cancún, as well as one dead person and woman wounded in a bar in Playa del Carmen.

If five days, police have reported 17 murders in Cancún.

Yesterday, the discovery of a human head was reported in front of a taco stand, meanwhile the remainder of the body was found meters away in a park, inside an ice chest, in Region 501.

In another incident, a man was murdered and a woman wounded in an attack the the “Las Ruinas” bar, located on 30 Avenida, between avenida Juárez and Primiera Sur, in Playa del Carmen.

Interviewed about that incident, businessman Hernán Cordero Galindo, a member of the Citizen Angel group, said that “Cancún has become a paradise for impunity and criminals because they known there is no authorities to confront them.”

He thinks that the criminals know that “nothing is done about crime here, and in many of the cases the police are complicit, including informing the criminals.”


Three Rosarito taxi drivers overdose

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ROSARITO, Baja California – Three Rosarito taxi drivers are in grave condition. They apparently consumed some kind of drug, causing an overdose early this morning.

According to the information, around 3AM Saturday, municipal police patrolling downtown Rosarito saw three fixed route taxi drivers laying on the street. They were with the yellow and white stripe taxis.

The taxi’s were stopped blocking the road and the drivers were laying unconscious on the ground.

Carlos Mendoza, Red Cross ambulance commander in Rosarito, said that one of the taxi drivers is in grave condition at the Red Cross facilities as they do not have the medication to stabilize this kind of overdose due to the high cost of the drugs.

Mendoza Bustos warned about the drug distribution which could be causing this, saying a few days ago someone died from an overdose.

He said that all during March they have been treating similar cases. He thinks somebody is selling heroin in place of cocaine.